Alysson M. Costa

I am a Senior Lecturer in Operations Research at the School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Melbourne.

My research interests are theory and applications of Optimisation. I am particularly interested in mixed integer programming (modelling and solution methods) and in applications with a positive impact in society. My students and I have recently tackled problems in environmental water management, disaster relief operations, educational timetabling, assembly line balancing and city logistics.

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Latest publications:

[pdfAlgorithms for the power-p Steiner tree problem in the Euclidean plane. Burt, C.,  Costa, A.M., Ras, C. RITA (Special Issue – Exact and Heuristic Solutions for Optimization Problems), 25, 28-42. (2018)

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] Active management of environmental water to improve ecological outcomes.  Horne, A., Kaur S., Szemis, J., Costa, A.M., Nathan, R., Angus Webb, J., Stewardson, M., Boland, N. , Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 144 (2018)

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] A sequential stochastic mixed integer programming model for tactical master surgery scheduling. Kumar, A., Costa, A. M., Fackrell, M. & Taylor, P. G., European Journal of Operational Research 270: 734-746 (2018)

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] Improved integer programming models for simple assembly line balancing and related problems.
Ritt, M. & Costa, A. M.  International Transactions in Operational Research, 25: 1345–1359 (2018).

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] Parallel local search algorithms for high school timetabling problems.
Saviniec, L., Santos, M. O. & Costa, A. M. (2018). European Journal of Operational Research, 265: 81–98 (2018).


Selected publications:

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] Simple heuristics for the assembly line worker assignment and balancing problem. Moreira, M. C. O; Ritt, M.; Costa, A. M; and Chaves, A. A, Journal of Heuristics, 18: 505–524 (2012).

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] Models and branch-and-cut algorithms for the Steiner tree problem with revenues, budget and hop constraints. Costa, A. M; Cordeau, J.; and Laporte, G.,  Networks, 53: 141–159 (2009).

[doi] [cited by] [preprint] A survey on benders decomposition applied to fixed-charge network design problems. Costa, A. M, Computers and Operations Research, 32: 1429–1450 (2005).



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