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Germaine Greer Meets the Archivists

8 March 2017 (International Women’s Day 2017) Kathleen Fitzpatrick Lecture Theatre, The University of Melbourne By Rachel Tropea, Senior Research Archivist, Digital Scholarship (University of Melbourne), and Acting Deputy Archivist, University of Melbourne Archives ‘When people want to talk to me about me, I’m bored’ – Germaine Greer. ‘Once I am gone,  I am yours […]

‘Well, hello machine’: Timecoding audio in the Germaine Greer Archive

by Kate Hodgetts, Audio Cataloguer Imagine that you are a passenger in a car. The car is being driven through the British countryside. Your driver, Germaine Greer, tells you that this is her ‘Favourite road in all the world,’ and proceeds to describe the landscape in vivid, colourful detail. ‘It’s sort of dull and burnished, […]


Audiovisual collections at University of Melbourne Archives

Emma Hyde Emma Hyde began working at the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) in 2012 as the Audiovisual Archivist in a project supported by the Miegunyah Fund to appraise UMA’s vast and uncatalogued audiovisual material. As the project is nearing completion, Emma is also heading off on maternity leave and we want to take the […]

“sheets and a bed – glorious”

“sheets and a bed – glorious.” So describes Wilberforce Newton’s delight in his hospital accommodations on 12th November 1915. Plagued by suspected bronchitis whilst serving with the Royal Medical Corps on the Western front, Newton’s simple joy illustrates the conditions that became the new ‘normal’ experienced by servicemen and women during World War One. Newton’s diary […]

Boxing, Ballroom dancing, and the Bishop of Coventry: Festival Hall and Stadiums Pty Ltd

Throughout most of the 20th century, Festival Hall in Dudley Street, West Melbourne was the focal point for the city’s entertainment business. The booking diaries for Stadiums Pty Ltd reveal an endless round of entertainers, sporting, cultural,  and political events. Inside its dark walls, Festival Hall hosted the Bishop of Coventry followed by a boxing […]

Farewell to Christine Elias

Suzanne Fairbanks, Deputy Archivist Sophie Garrett, Assistant Archivist At the end of June 2015 the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) will say farewell to Christine Elias who has been with us on a project contract since August 2013. During the almost two years that she has been with us, Christine has been the backbone of the Locations […]

Locating, labelling and listing: the Locations Data Upgrade Project

As a substantial project approaches its culmination, UMA celebrates a number of benefits for researchers and staff and donors. Due to the UMA Digital Finding Aids Project sponsored by the RE Ross Trust and the Locations Data Upgrade Project sponsored by the Miegunyah Fund, there are now 1520 lists of detailed (box or file level) collection […]

Plastic advertising sign, Agents for National Mutual Fire Insurance Company Ltd, c1970

A Tale of Two Heritages

Shane Talia is a recent graduate of the Master of Cultural Heritage program at Deakin University. From October 2013 to March 2014, he completed an internship as an Archival Documentation Project Officer at UMA. This placement formed part of the University’s 2013 Cultural Collections Projects Program.  The values, ideologies and ambitions of a corporation are […]

Sandow no 1

William Kennedy Laurie Dickson- A Legacy of the Moving Image

Emma Hyde UMA’s holdings span three centuries of audiovisual formats and recent findings in the collection represent the very beginnings of what we now know as motion picture film. Through genealogical research by descendants of William Kennedy Laurie Dickson and a recent audit conducted at University of Melbourne Archives a number of early 35mm film […]