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125 years of horticultural education – celebrating Burnley Campus

Jane Wilson Volunteer Archivist, Burnley Archives Friends of Burnley Gardens The last few weeks have been very busy for me, the Volunteer Archivist for the Burnley Archives Collection. The Burnley Campus is celebrating this year 125 years of continuous horticultural education and it has been 25 years since the Archives were formally set up. The […]

Alice Anderson in her Kew garage workshop, c1922

A researcher visits our repository

Loretta Smith, Author Original posted on the Facebook page Alice Anderson Garage Girl. For those who have ever done research, have you experienced the wonder of discovering something unexpected in an unlikely place that stops your heart? I’ve had a few experiences like this through the course of discovering Alice’s story but what I’m about […]

Boxing, Ballroom dancing, and the Bishop of Coventry: Festival Hall and Stadiums Pty Ltd

Throughout most of the 20th century, Festival Hall in Dudley Street, West Melbourne was the focal point for the city’s entertainment business. The booking diaries for Stadiums Pty Ltd reveal an endless round of entertainers, sporting, cultural,  and political events. Inside its dark walls, Festival Hall hosted the Bishop of Coventry followed by a boxing […]

Swallow and Ariell Patriotic Sewing Bee c. 1916

‘We will help until the war is won’

During the anniversaries of World War One we reflect on the many aspects of war and its impact. As well as diaries and mementos of servicemen, the University of Melbourne Archives holds a range of material relating to work done on the home front to support those serving in the war. This took many guises, from women working, children […]