Trouble getting help for ADD

I had ADD as a child, and was on medication. I have been trying to focus on my studies without it but am having extreme difficulty. I find it impossible to sit in the library to study because people are so noisy. I can’t focus on the task at hand and sometimes take hours to read one article, and I barely absorb any of it because I can’t keep my mind focused. I went to the doctor to talk about going back on medication and was dismissed with a ‘referral’ for the psychiatrist. However, when I went to make the appointment they are booked for over a month, which is almost the end of the semester.

You might need to return to the doctor – or another if you feel you were ‘dismissed’ – and get another referral to a different Psychiatrist or referred onto a doctor who is experienced with Adult ADD and the medications suited to treat it – also someone with a shorter waitlist. You could also recontact your previous doctor or Pediatrician who prescribed the medication and ask them to write another script for you or refer you to an adult specialist they might know of.

In the meantime it would be an idea to discuss options for Special Consideration with your Student Centre’s Student Equity Officer. A doctor can fill in an HCAP form (download from your student portal) stating that you will be affected by your lack of focus. You can also fill in a Statutory Declaration (Student centre will have one or know where to get one) for yourself. This might be the best thing to do for this semester while you wait for an appointment to go back on the medication for next semester.

Usually the impact of the medication is very quick, so things will improve once you are able to take it. Hopefully once back on the medication, your focus and concentration will allow you to show your best performance.