Testing for Dyslexia

I have been doing my own research and am pretty sure I have dyslexia. I know there are very complex tests that can be done to identify exactly how you are dyslexic. Does anyone at the Uni do these (very expensive) for students?

If you suspect that you may be dyslexic undergoing neuropsychological testing could be beneficial. Not only can this confirm/disconfirm your suspicions, it can also inform you of the best strategies to use to overcome any impairment.

Dyslexia is a learning disability where individuals find it hard to decode the symbols used in writing. Typically this is expressed as both an inability to read at a level that would normally be anticipated and poor spelling, given the individuals general level of intelligence. Neuropsychological testing can identify individuals with dyslexia because it reviews a number of dimensions of intelligence. Individuals with dyslexia produce scores with a recognisable profile across these dimensions and a diagnosis can be confirmed. Having a formal diagnosis may then allow you to receive academic accommodations and assistance at university.

Undertaking proper assessment can be very expensive (~$1,000). The Australian Psychological Society has a Find a Psychologist service where you can find a suitable local referral.

Alternatively if you are keen to be assessed, can’t afford the full cost but are in a position to wait then student psychology clinics at both La Trobe and RMIT can do the testing at a substantially discounted rate (~$300). Contact the clinics at La Trobe (03 9479 2150) and RMIT (03 9925 7603) and put your name on both their waiting lists. When you call up they may ask you for some background information so be prepared to be on the phone for up to 30 minutes. You may have to wait several months to be seen however the quality of the report and advice you receive will be equivalent to that if you had paid the full price.