Feeling really low

I have felt down for a very long time now, about 6 months. Everything is spiralling out of control. I have finally sought the help of a doctor who is going to perform a mental health assessment. What is this? What can I expect to experience? Will I get better?

Doing a mental health assessment with your doctor is a good thing as it sounds like you’ve been down a long time. It’s best to book in for a long appointment so that both you have sufficient time for the assessment. The doctor will ask questions about how you are thinking about things, any family history that you know of when others may have also felt this way, if there’s anything that may have started you feeling down, and how down you get. You might also need to complete a questionnaire on how you are feeling and perceiving the world, and the level of support you have from family and friends.

An important aspect for you is to be able to ask questions about what may help you to get better. If medication is a consideration you can discuss things such as how long for and any possible side effects. You may also read up on questions you can ask your doctor on the internet.

So please go along and talk honestly to your doctor, and discuss your options together.

Whether or not you decide to take medication, it sounds like you would benefit from talking to someone about what you’re going through and ways to get over it. Your doctor may refer you to see a psychiatrist or possibly a counsellor to work with you on things such as managing moods and situations which may have got out of control.

Further information on depression can be found on our website and also through The Mood Gym or Youth Beyond Blue.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself through regular sleep, good food, some exercise, relaxation, and scheduled calm time.

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  1. L says:

    Depressions is a large subject in that you have levels of it and from what I have seen different causes. For clinical stuff I think that there is no other way than to have a therapist help.

    But for light situations as mentioned moodgym is great.

    But therapy in general is not that easy to gauge in terms of effectiveness so I would wonder if these tools are very effective. I know they require some dedication and follow through.

    I don’t think a person that is very depressed and in apathy would want to use any online tool.

    my two cents.

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