Grumpy for no reason

I find this time of the year very stressful even though nothing is really going wrong. Although it was busy last year, I am wasting my holidays sleeping in, waking up grumpy and staying like that all day. I feel I am starting the year on the wrong foot and will be exhausting my good will before it even gets going. Help, what is going on?

I don’t think you’re alone with the feeling of tiredness after a very busy year and possibly busy holiday season. If your study demands had been high all year, there may not need to be any specific event to make you grumpy. You might simply be very tired. Our brain and bodies can often get us through the stressful periods on high adrenaline, only to have a ‘melt down’ once the pressure is off. We put off tiredness until later…well maybe ‘later’ is now.

If you’ve used a lot of energy to get through your year, you will need time to replenish. How about you focus on looking after yourself? Have a think about those people and activities that give you good energy or restore you. Perhaps a bit of regular exercise, eating well, resting and socialising? Organising something in advance, so that you day has some structure or a goal, gives you a good reason to get up and going. A sense of fun or a small achievement might help. Remember to balance the energy levels; too much late night socialising, and the alcohol or drugs that can be part of that, are liable to increase grumpiness.

Low energy levels and tiredness mean we also have less energy available to tolerate others’ thoughtlessness or silly behaviour. The grumpiness could be due to a number of other issues and indicate that something is out of balance for you; perhaps a wrong, a hurt, a fear, a feeling of rejection, a loss, a disappointment, an anniversary of something distressing, time to reflect on satisfaction with your life, etc. Perhaps there is an emotional issue that underlies the grumpiness. Have a look at the Counselling Service website for any tips/issues that might ring a bell, or use the audio downloads on the site to help you relax and unwind.

After you take a break, exercise, eat well and rest to get yourself in the best shape for the next bit, if you still feel that something is amiss, a visit to a counsellor may be helpful.

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