Where is the best place to get counselling?

I wonder if I need a fairly liberal Psychologist. Antidepressants have helped me a lot for six months or so, but I need something more and the medication is becoming less effective. I’m risking my enrollment at the University of Melbourne and I need a doctor I can talk to more closely than my GP back home.

The best place to get counselling is somewhere you can expect to get a professional, responsive and respectful service. A counsellor can assist you to gain a clearer understanding of whatever problem you have, and identify appropriate strategies or options for you to consider. Medication can help with some conditions however it will not replace the benefits of working through issues that are contributing to your psychological problems. It is a bit unclear from your question whether you are wanting to see a psychologist or a doctor.

Both the University Health Service and our Counselling and Psychological Services offer free services to currently enrolled students and staff of the University of Melbourne and come with extensive knowledge and understanding of the personal, family and work problems of students and staff.

Counsellors at CAPS have many years’ experience and are used to working closely with doctors and psychiatrists from the Health Service or other health professionals external to the University. If one of the counsellors at CAPS can’t help you with your specific problems, they will assist in referring you to an appropriate external specialist. More information is available online for both CAPS and The Health Service.

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