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  1. Do I have a drinking problem?

    It can be difficult to determine at what point drinking becomes a problem, especially when we’ve spent time with people who drink just as much as us, and when the consequences of drinking are not obvious. Read on for some tips on assessing the impact of your alcohol intake, and ensuring it doesn’t cause you problems.

  2. Cripping assessment anxiety!

    It’s normal to feel anxious before an exam or big presentation, but what if it feels too overwhelming to deal with it? There are a lot of things you can do in the moment, and in the lead up to an assessment, that will make a big difference.

  3. Not depression?

    Most people who are experiencing mental health problems will have ups and downs, and will often have stretches of time when they feel normal. As a result many people delay reaching out for help when they are feeling ok, which ends up prolonging this cycle.

  4. How do I get closer friends?

    Having close friendships is an important part of our wellbeing, but there can be challenges to developing these relationships. Read on for some advice on how to create deeper friendships.

  5. Am I depressed?

    When is sadness not just sadness, but depression? And where can you go for more help?

  6. Difficulty creating a social life at uni

    An active social life can be an important part of making the University experience an enjoyable one, but there are many reasons it can be hard to form, especially in the first year.

  7. I get violent and throw things – please help

    I get really violent and throw things. I’m scared I might harm someone. Please help me. Thanks for your message. It can be very frightening when …

  8. What can I do about my insecurities?

    Feeling rejected brings up insecurities. How do we manage when we feel insecure?

  9. Talking about healthy relationships

    It can be challenging to find the right words when raising concerns about health, sex and relationships with a friend.

  10. Feeling negatively

    When we can not find a reason for feeling sad, anxious or disconnected it can be easy to become critical of ourselves.

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