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  1. Not sure how to raise ‘the talk’

    The start of a relationship can often bring with it some anxieties, what should you think about when trying to have ‘the talk’?

  2. relationship communication

    Communication is an important way of developing closer bonds with our partners, but what to do if it feels one-sided?

  3. Not sure what our relationship is?

    Relationships can be confusing, but what do you do if you’re not sure if you’re even in one? Read on to see how to cope with those mixed messages.

  4. Confusion about my relationship.

    How to navigate that space between boyfriend and friend…..

  5. How do I cope with feeling insecure?

    What to do about other people’s behaviour when your relationship is a secret?

  6. How do I create better boundaries for myself?

    Confrontation is hard, especially when you struggle with creating boundaries and being assertive. Assertive communication is a valuable skill to have, and there is plenty of help available to improve this!

  7. In a relationship with someone who might still love his ex.

    What happens if your partner has feelings for their ex? And more importantly, how do you address this if you found out by accident?

  8. How do I communicate better with my dad?

    Communication is an important skill, and can make a big difference in our relationships. Our relationship with our parents can have a major influence in our lives. So how do we better communicate with them?

  9. Falling out with a friend

    Falling out with a friend is always hard, but what do you do when you don’t even know why it has happened?

  10. How to cope with housemates not doing their fair share?

    Living in a share house can be anything from great to impossible. What can you do when you are burdened with more than your share of the housework?