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  1. Stressed and missing my family so much, how can I study?

    The transition from home to studying in another country can be emotionally difficult and quite stressful. Here are some tips on how to adjust and study at your best.

  2. Am I normal?

    Am I normal as at times I shake, feel sad, feel elated and hurt myself? I’m concerned I can’t cope much longer.

  3. Overwhelming study pressure

    I thought I could catch up before assessment time, but I just can’t face having everything due at once. What will I do?

  4. Coping with exam stress.

    Are you performing your best in exams or is anxiety ruining your performance? See this Q & A – someone is feeling like the can’t cope in exams and Ask Counselling has some helpful tips.

  5. Deferring my studies

    I’m studying for Bachelor of Science and this is my second year second semester. But at this moment I’m stressed out and suffering from panic attacks which makes me unavailable to focus on study

  6. Too much fanfiction online, now behind in my work

    I just started second year this semester doing science and have not attended a single lecture…because I stayed up late reading ‘fanfiction’ online..

  7. Gambling problems

    After my girlfriend broke up with me, a friend took me to the casino to help me forget about her and make me feel better… but now I can’t believe how much money I have lost.

  8. Falling behind and panicking

    I’ve tried to keep up with my studies this semester but have found myself behind in my assignments.