Health Demonstrator – User Testing

On the 18th of July Dr John Furler conducted a user testing workshop for the health demonstrator project. This was complemented with a 15 minute presentation from Jack Barton on the AURIN Portal. Agencies participating in the user testing workshop include: The Inner North West Primary CAre Partnership, Inner North West Medicare Local, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Health, North East Primary Care Partnership and the Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership. To being with an introduction to the health tool was presented and this was followed with a scenario testing excercise which involved using the  health demonstrator tool to locate a new GP clinic in the area along with a co-located specialist dieabetes outreach and additional mental health and social support service. The users were then asked to provide feedback on the performance of the tool.
The original notes used in this testing process are available from here: John Furler Presentation 18 July 2013  Overall the tool has been very well received by the users, with the feedback received  relating to additiona data and functionality to expand the tool further.


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