Presentation to the Southern and Eastern Metropolitan Regions

On the 25th of July I  presented the North and West Melbourne Data Integration Project to the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR)  and Eastern Metropolitan Region  staff and the SMR Servicing Growing Communities Network. Sandy Austin Director of the Southern and Eastern Metropolitan regions (and former champion for the health project) has since sent a message to say   “The availability and utilisation of data that you presented  through the demonstration projects has stimulated  thinking about opportunities and potential application within and across the work of the Southern and Eastern regions. The Walkability tools are of particular interest to our work in planning and developing communities of the South East Growth Corridor, the opportunities the tool presents  for local government is exciting. As discussed in the meeting we are keen to explore the use of  regional  work as demonstration projects, particularly  around landfill site planning. “  We look forward to working further with the Southern and Eastern Regions and further testing the value of the demonstration projects in real life situations.


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