Employment Demonstrator goes to Dublin


The employment demonstrator team was in Dublin on 16 July delivering a paper on the tool they have developed entitled “An Open-Source Tool for Identifying Industrial Clusters in a Data-Poor Environment”. The paper was delivered at the AESOP/ACSP Joint Congress “Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions”. The paper was well delivered in a session with a number of other tools created to assist researchers in better understanding urban environments. It was well received with discussion afterward focused on the issue of how to deal with the allocation of weightings between components in a algorithm. Ultimately it was concluded that decisions on weightings should be transparent and related to a theoretical position. It is for this reason that the employment demonstrator tool has been designed to allow the user to select the weighting they will apply. Notably it was the only tool in the group to have made allowance for user selected weighting.  A copy of the slides presented can be found here: An Open-Source Tool for Identifying Industrial Clusters in a Data Poor Environment

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