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Employment Deliverable #8 – Final Product Post

Product name: Employment Clustering tool to evaluate the imactos of planned activity centres on Local Employment and Acessibility. Primary users: Economists, Strategic Planners, Researchers Synopsis: This project responds to a consensus among local policy makers, that Melbourne needs to adopt a multi-nodal metropolitan planning strategy in order to foster local economic development and reduce commuting. For decades, […]

Employment Post #5 – Deployed, tested and documented software system

The Application The purpose of this tool was to develop an open-source software tool for identifying urban employment clusters, that will be accessible to anyone with a suitably-appointed computer and internet access.  The tool enables governments and researchers could examine spatial employment clustering in metropolitan regions in much finer spatial units than are currently supplied by the […]

Employment Demonstrator goes to Dublin

  The employment demonstrator team was in Dublin on 16 July delivering a paper on the tool they have developed entitled “An Open-Source Tool for Identifying Industrial Clusters in a Data-Poor Environment”. The paper was delivered at the AESOP/ACSP Joint Congress “Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions”. The paper was well delivered in a session […]

Employment Demonstrator: Key Technologies, Features and Project Outputs

Demonstrator 2 is building a tool designed to allow identification and interrogation of Melbourne metropolitan employment clusters.  This tool has been identified as a central requirement if Victorian government agencies and researchers are to develop improved understanding of the outcomes of clustering policy in Melbourne, the growth and development of jobs across Melbourne and the […]

Employment Update

This week the employment demonstrator project team welcomed a new team member in the form of Benny Chen as our resident coding expert.  Benny is a PhD candidate in geomatics in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering and has just submitted his PhD for evaluation. Benny’s skills combine GIS visualisation, spatial analysis and modelling with a […]