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Age blog feature: Better liveability through data in Melbourne’s north-west

Today Craig Butt published a blog post featuring outputs from the Health and Housing demonstrator projects. “Highly-targeted maps generated by the tool show pockets of social disadvantage,  in parcels of land as small as a few city blocks, where high rates of illness  and poor access to medical help collide.” Read more:–data-point/better-liveability-through-data-in-melbournes-northwest-20130808-2rin8.html#ixzz2bS3Nt6u1

Health Demonstrator Blog Post #5 – Deployed, tested and documented software system

The Application The purpose of this tool was to yield a more accurate understanding of the distribution of people with risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes (ie Existing prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Obesity, Smoking) and Health Services General Practice which has bulk billing, Fee only, after hours service etc.).  User-specified functionality This is […]

Health Demonstrator – Demonstration of Value

Professor Jane Gunn has conducted a number of conference presentations and meeting presentations outling the value of the Health Demonstrator project each of these activities are outlined below: 1. Conference Presentation: Professor Jane Gunn, Dr. John Furler  and Dr Victoria Palmer titled: Care and Systems Experience – Diabetes CASE-D. Presentation slides available here: SAPC_Presentation Reference to the […]

Health Deliverable #8 – Final Product Post

1.     Introductory Product Information Product name: Examining How Social Infrastructure Data Can be Used  in Local Health Planning and Innovation for Type 2 Diabetes Management Primary users: Medicare Locals and Primary Care Partnerships, State and Local Government Health Planners Synopsis:  Clustering of diabetes prevalence, other physical and psychological conditions and social disadvantage are important issues for […]

Health Demonstrator – User Testing

On the 18th of July Dr John Furler conducted a user testing workshop for the health demonstrator project. This was complemented with a 15 minute presentation from Jack Barton on the AURIN Portal. Agencies participating in the user testing workshop include: The Inner North West Primary CAre Partnership, Inner North West Medicare Local, Australian Bureau […]

Demonstrator 4: Health Project Champions Meeting

On the 5th of June the two project champions Professor Jane Gunn and Steve Ballard met with the project team. Using the health demonstrator tool Jane quickly identified the areas within the Inner North West Medicare Region which contained a combination of high disadvantage (according with SEIFA), High diabetes prevalence and High levels of depression […]

Health Demonstrator Working Group Meeting

Late November saw the the meeting of the first health working group. Attendees from the ABS, Medicare Local and Inner North West Primary Care Partnerships contributed to discussion on the Health Demonstrator – Examining social infrastructure data in planning and innovation for type 2 Diabetes management. The meeting was focussed on presenting health demonstrator work […]

Health Demonstrator Risk Area Analysis

The main aim of the health analytical tool is to have a decision support tool for evaluating the health risk areas and their accessibility to the different health services. This tool has the capability of receiving flexible set of parameters through a user interface for having different sort of analysis.

Health Demonstrator update

The Health Demonstrator team have held two meetings over the last week to progress mapping health, social and service data related to diabetes prevalence in the NWMR. The Health Demonstrator arose from the “Care and Systems Experience- Diabetes” (CASE – D) project. This recently completed action research project developed case studies of clients with diabetes who are […]

Health Demonstrator Presentation: Care and systems experience of harder to reach patients with diabetes: A collaborative study with regional Government

John Furler has recently returned from Society for Academic Care conference in Glasgow ( where he presented a joint paper with Professor Jane Gunn  and Dr Victoria Palmer titled: Care and Systems Experience – Diabetes CASE-D. The paper provides interesting insights into participatory action research and also highlights the challenges involved in integrating data from multiple […]