Software Development and Technical Posts

All technical and software related posts of the NWMR project

Health Demonstrator – User Testing

On the 18th of July Dr John Furler conducted a user testing workshop for the health demonstrator project. This was complemented with a 15 minute presentation from Jack Barton on the AURIN Portal. Agencies participating in the user testing workshop include: The Inner North West Primary CAre Partnership, Inner North West Medicare Local, Australian Bureau […]

Employment Demonstrator: Key Technologies, Features and Project Outputs

Demonstrator 2 is building a tool designed to allow identification and interrogation of Melbourne metropolitan employment clusters.  This tool has been identified as a central requirement if Victorian government agencies and researchers are to develop improved understanding of the outcomes of clustering policy in Melbourne, the growth and development of jobs across Melbourne and the […]

Health Demonstrator Risk Area Analysis

The main aim of the health analytical tool is to have a decision support tool for evaluating the health risk areas and their accessibility to the different health services. This tool has the capability of receiving flexible set of parameters through a user interface for having different sort of analysis.

Housing Affordability Tool, Behind the Scenes

      The Housing demonstrator tool aims to provide a web-based environment for users to perform various housing affordability analysis on a predefined set of data, and provide the output to be visualized on a web-based map. To achieve this, the development process started based on Agile methodology and now the initial release of […]

Agent Walkability with Geotools and OpenLayers time filter animation

The core functionality of the Agent Based Walkability project requires animated visualisation of walking agents in a browser based application.  Creating this visualisation from scratch could be quite a hassle, but fortunately there are some techniques available which take advantage of the inbuilt functionality of OpenLayers.

Agent Based Walkability test Demonstrator

Demonstration of the agent base model provided by Marcus White from Architecture building and planning, University of Melbourne. This simulation has been very useful in explaining agent based modelling to project partners and in facilitiating discussion around the methodology, limitiations and assumptions behind the techniques being used to deliver the Walkability demonstrator project. This tool […]