Health Deliverable #8 – Final Product Post

1.     Introductory Product Information Product name: Examining How Social Infrastructure Data Can be Used  in Local Health Planning and Innovation for Type 2 Diabetes Management Primary users: Medicare Locals and Primary Care Partnerships, State and Local Government Health Planners Synopsis:  Clustering of diabetes prevalence, other physical and psychological conditions and social disadvantage are important issues for […]

Walkability Deliverable #8 – Final Product Post

Product name Agent-based modelling tool Primary users Urban, transport, and social planners, and urban planning and public health researchers and practitioners Synopsis This agent-based modelling tool has the capacity to be not only a powerful urban design tool that builds on existing walkability measures, but also an influential advocacy tool. The purpose of the tool […]

Housing Demonstrator Deliverable #8 – Final Product Post

Introduction A web based analysis tool-kit has been developed to support housing analysis. The tool is developed in its current form to focus on the analysis of housing in the North West corridor of Melbourne. It actually has the capacity to be extended and applied in any jurisdiction, provided the necessary data integration component is […]