Land administration for Sustainable Development

 This latest book on book_landadmin_coverLand Administration for Sustainable Development examines global land administration systems at different levels of maturity. This examination elucidates how countries can establish basic infrastructure for the implementation of land-related policies and land management strategies that will help ensure social equality, economic growth, and environmental protection. Through its presentation of a holistic view of land management for sustainable development, this book outlines basic principles of land administration applicable to all countries and their divergent needs. Land Administration for Sustainable Development is a resource for professors and students of land planning, land administrators, land planning managers, and government officials.

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  1. Posted October 24, 2009 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    A big welcome to the blog for our new book on “Land administration for sustainable development”

    Stig, Jude, Abbas and I look forward to comments, discussion and feedback on the content and ideas we have promoted in the book.

    We are all very passionate about the role that land plays in our society and wanted to spread our ideas as widely as possible. For Stig, Jude and I it was an opportunity for putting down in a book our experiences and ideas from a lifetime of working in the area.

    We chose ESRI Press Academic as the publisher due to their track record of publishing very high quality books with lots of colour photos, diagrams and figures but also because they share our philosophy of getting the message around the world by publishing books that are affordable for students and people in less developed countries for example).

    We also are delighted that ESRI agreed to provide the first chapter in digital form that can be circulated by email and is available via the internet. The first chapter summarises our key ideas and presents 10 key principles for a successful land administration system.

    We acknowledge that issues concerned with land and land administration is very complex with each country or jurisdiction having its own needs and system, however we have tried to provide useful advice on how to build and improve systems. But we also acknowledge that many of our ideas and suggestions may be controversial since the discipline continues to evolve.

    For that reason we are very anxious to have a vibrant and active blog to debate and discuss issues concerned with land policy, land administration and sustainable development that contributes to the global debate on these topiocs.

    I look forward to having a chat, discussion or debate,


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