RSL LifeCare War Museum, Narrabeen

Our collaboration with RSL LifeCare continued this month. The GCCMC team worked alongside RSL LifeCare museum committee and volunteers to brainstorm activities for next year and prepare collection documentation for the move to our new Omeka database. #GCCMCstudents Marion Ely Rovillos Cruz, Rose Cangadis-Douglass and Isabella Spiteri received a University of Melbourne student engagement grant to support database activities.


Highlight was the Annual Thank You Luncheon attended by the Governor of NSW.


#GCCMCstudent Ashley Gilmour investigated the materiality, history and social contexts of the Sweetheart Badge Collection held at the RSL LifeCare War Museum, Narrabeen.

This research builds upon the collaboration between the Grimwade Centre and RSL LifeCare; students, conservators and veterans. Ashley interviewed RSL LifeCare residents to better understand why, how and when these badges were made. FT-IR analysis informed the material components.