#GCCMCphd conservation research presentations 2016

#GCCMCphd conservation research presentations continue this afternoon

Yue Qiu – Development of an innovative approach based on energy chemical shift of K lines using ED-XRF for the identification of cultural materials. His research is a collaboration between the Grimwade Centre and CSIRO.


Nur Shkembi – Destiny Disrupted: reclaiming the Muslim narrative through the production of a contemporary manuscript. Nur’s research to create a contemporary manuscript will engage minority Muslim community members, artists and conservators. This project will build on conservation research work done by the GCCMC Middle Eastern manuscript group – investigation of pigments, inks, dyes and colourants, papers and book structures.

Theory/Exegesis premise: The book as an object that disrupts history and the contemporary manuscript as an effective means for community agency.


A number of Grimwade Centre PhD candidates present their #conservation research today.

Leila Alhagh – Middle Eastern manuscript research MUL 17, University of Melbourne collection.


Claire Grech – Behaviours of modern paints in tropical climates. This research addresses the gap in knowledge regarding behaviour & care of western artist’s materials in South-East Asia and follows the work of Dr Nicole Tse and Dr Augustine Doronila.


Gina Levenspiel РConsiders the effect of the Burra Charter on architecture.


Isa Loo – The use of inorganic, calcite-based treatments in the conservation of earthen cultural materials. Case Study Chinese miner’s cottages at Castlemaine.