• Ben Kreunen

    I'm a scientific photographer by qualification (BAppSci (Photography)) with 20 years of experience in imaging and IT support at The University of Melbourne prior to starting with the University Digitisation Centre in 2009.

  1. Cooking with DOS: Converting Images to PDF

    Do you scan documents with your camera? In this post we’ll whip up some Imagemagick scripts to not only convert folders of images to PDFs but …


  2. Just Get It!

    Forgot your USB and need some way to transfer your scans from our scanners?  Can’t edit your images because you don’t have Photoshop and can’t afford …


  3. What resolution should I scan at?

    So you need to get some images scanned but your confused by different people giving you different numbers for DPI?  Don’t Panic Immediately!  Figuring out what …


  4. Cooking with DOS

    The Windows command line scares most people but if you want to automate stuff then command line scripts can be your best friend. In this series …


  5. Google Earth Overlays

    Google Earth can display online images as an overlay above the satellite imagery without requiring any special server software. There are only a few requirements: High …


  6. Lift off!

    After years of tossing around plans to share more of the technical bits behind the scenes at the University Digitisation Centre of the University of Melbourne …