Short courses with scholarships in Thailand & Indonesia

International courses on Landscape Approaches and Forest Governance. Scholarships available for inhabitants of 61 countries!

The Government of the Netherlands is providing scholarships to people from 61 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, to take part in two training courses organised by Wageningen University, in collaboration with RECOFTC and CIFOR:

1. Landscape Approaches : applying strategic planning approaches for good natural resources governance
2. Governance for forests, nature and people : managing multi-stakeholder learning in sector programmes and policy processes

These courses will take place in November and December, in Thailand and Indonesia respectively. Find out if your country is on the list at…

If you want to apply, please do so instantly, since the closing date for application is in two weeks time.

1) Landscape functions and people: applying strategic planning approaches for good natural resource governance
25 October -5 November 2010, at RECOFTC, Bangkok, Thailand
Integrated natural resource management approaches which start from a landscape perspective are increasingly being recognized and used. Their application ensures more effective resource planning that links grassroots and community based initiatives with wider national and regional perspectives. The approach aims to overcome some of the scale limitations of community based NRM and focuses on the integration of practices in an attempt to merge ecosystem thinking with multi-stakeholder processes and good natural resource governance. The recognition of various environmental functions and their valuations by various actors, the role of institutions and the inclusion of governance principles, are central to the approach. As the landscape approach is still developing, the course brings together practitioners, policy makers and academics and aims to establish a strong learning network with ongoing projects to link theory with practice. The course is conducted in close collaboration with RECOFT, Bangkok and includes a four day field practice.…

2) Governance for forest, nature and people: managing multi-stakeholder learning in sector programmes and policy processes
22 November – 3 December 2010, at CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia
Forest governance processes worldwide have been subject to substantial change. On the one hand, there is a growing recognition of civil society concerns and their inclusion in forest governance. On the other hand, the increased economic value of forests have enhanced private sector involvement in the policy process. New opportunities such as REDD have not only resulted into new sector dynamics, but have also increased the occurrence of competing claims and conflicts. Interactive policy approaches are increasingly recognised as a way of improving sector governance. The course aims to introduce experienced decision and policy makers in government and civil society to concepts and practical methods for managing larger processes of policy development and their implementation with involvement of relevant stakeholders and interest groups in society. A special focus of the course is the facilitation of social learning, by looking how stakeholder dynamics can make participation work as an effective force for sustainable resource governance. Rights based approaches, decentralisation processes and the concept of accountability will pass the review, as well as tools and methods that ensure inclusion of actors at local, regional, and national levels.…

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