OEP end of year event & PEN forum

You are invited to our end of year event which follows the Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN) open forum on the same day @ 5.30pm. 


Please RSVP to query-environment@unimelb.edu.au. 


PEN Forum information: The Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN) is looking for new officebearers!  PEN is an open forum, sponsored by the Office of Environmental Programs, where individuals can discuss issues relating to the environment and sustainability.  Throughout the year, the group also hosts a number of social events where individuals can network and learn more about the environmental movement in Australia and around the globe.  It also acts as a liason between other environmental groups at the University of Melbourne and throughout the city to spread word about different events/conferences. nga.kristine@gmail.com by Nov. 1st (Cup Day). 


Successful applicants will be announced at the OEP/PEN end of the year event on Wednesday, Nov. 2.   


Positions will start February 2012 and can either run for both semesters or 1 semester (depending on interest).  Training will be provided to the successful applicants.  If interested or have questions, please respond to Kristine Nga, PEN president, at nga.kristine@gmail.com by Nov. 1st (Cup Day).  


Please see below for a short description of each position:


President:  The president is responsible for delegating tasks to staff and facilitating event/meetings.  You are also the ‘face’ of the group and will act as primary contact for external/internal networking events.  The largest duty involves planning the annual green jobs forum, typically held in semester 2, which brings together industry and university students to discuss the challenges and benefits of working in the environment sector. 

Secretary/Webmaster:  The secretary/webmaster is responsible for basic upkeep of the website (www.pen.net.au), taking minutes at meetings, and assisting other staff members. 

Treasurer: The role of the treasurer is to ensure that funds are obtained for PEN’s yearly operating budget. From then on, the treasurer is responsible for operation of the bank account, recording payments and ensuring that PEN is accountable for the money that it spends. It requires a small time committment outside of PEN meetings to update budgets and to reconcile expenditure. The role of treasurer is treasured (yes, i just did…) because it basically means you are the gatekeeper for all fun activities for the year!

Outreach Coordinator:  The outreach coordinator will be responsible with assisting the president in maintaining strong ties with external/internal environmental groups to ensure a steady flow of information between the partnerships. 

Social Chair:  The social chair is responsible for all the fun things that PEN plans, whether it’s movie nights, camping trips, trivia nights, sustainability drinks, etc.; it is your responsibility that PEN members get the well-needed respite and network outside of the UniMelb setting. 

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