PhD scholarships – Wetland research and adaptive management

Postgraduate scholarships – Wetland research and adaptive management in the Lachlan Valley

The Institute for Land, Water and Society ( at Charles Sturt University in Albury (NSW) is seeking highly motivated candidates to undertake wetland/riverine related research in the Lachlan Valley in NSW. We have 2 postgraduate scholarships available for suitable students to join a team of established wetland/river researchers with national and international experience. The research will focus on i) wetland inventory and characterisation, conceptual modelling and vegetation responses to water flows, and ii) adaptive management and engagement/participation of local communities in wetland/water management in the Lachlan valley.

The research is supported by Charles Sturt University and the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and will contribute to an expanding interest in the Lachlan valley by a team of researchers with established projects in these areas in Australia and overseas. It is expected that successful candidates will contribute to a wider body of research and knowledge generation with national and international  implications and opportunities.

 Please contact Ms Nikki Scott tel 02-6051 9992 or email ilws “at” to register your interest. To discuss further please contact Professor Max Finlayson, 0458271580 or Dr Catherine Allan 02-60519781.

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