Micromedex 2.0 (Trial)

This trial will end on 26 June 2011

Micromedex 2.0 includes all the unbiased, referenced information about drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine that clinicians need to make informed diagnosis and treatment decisions.  A 360-degree view of results providing a complete picture of all available information about a drug or condition on a single screen — including drug summaries, images, consults, comparative efficacy, labeled and off-label indications, treatment options, and more.  Separate tabs for high-usage tools — including a calculators tab with 22 separate dosing, laboratory value, antidote, and measurement calculators, and tabs for Trissel’s™ 2 IV compatibility, drug identification with images, comprehensive drug interaction checking, and Tox & Drug Product Lookup for quick substance identification.

This trial to Micromedex 2.0 includes access to CareNotes - Customize, print, and hand out nearly 7,000 documents to enhance patients’ understanding of their health conditions and care instructions.  CareNotes cover everything from conditions and procedures, lab tests to drugs to continuing health – in English, Spanish, and 13 other languages, and will soon satisfy the Meaningful Use Stage 1 objective for electronic delivery of discharge instructions.

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