Geofacets (Trial)

This trial will end on 29 September

Geofacets is a web-based, geographic search and discovery tool that complements the geoscientist’s work flow, delivering relevant content from Elsevier’s market-leading earth sciences journals into files that easily integrate into GIS or other relevant software.

Built upon the highly valuable, peer-reviewed content in Elsevier’s portfolio of earth science journals, Geofacets’ unique interface enables the geoscientist to search for geologic maps and content geographically through an interactive map or textually via keyword search.  With Geofacets, information is easier to find and can be used immediately.  Maps from our journal articles are available as georeferenced (GeoTIFF) or image file (jpeg , TIFF) downloads for ease of integration with GIS or related software or business presentation applications.  Relevant content-downloads in instantly usable files incorporate seamlessly into the geoscientist’s workflow — whether for integration with proprietary data for analysis and interpretation.

Elsevier have produced online tutorials and a quick start guide which are all available from the Geofacets Training and Support  site.

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