The Winter Not-So Blues (Kat)

If you’re a first year like me, when you think of fresh starts, you probably think of flipping the calendar to February; where a ‘first day back’ filled with whispers of summer adventure, long queues at the Co-Op and the remnants of patchy sunburn, awaits. A completely clean slate, with new subjects, new classes and a certain apprehensiveness when it comes to locating those new tutorial rooms…

But, as most of you reading probably realise, at uni you only have to flip the calendar to July for the chance at a clean slate. Being the jaffy (try urban dictionary if you’re confused) that I am, it feels bizarre to start again mid-year. 12 weeks go by and you feel like you’re finally starting to make friends in your classes, then *poof*, the break happens and you don’t know anyone all over again. Strangely enough though, I feel excited about semester two. I’ve got the kind of renewed motivation that only comes after a decent break – and even if it disappears within the first week like always, it’s enough to remind me why I’m studying in the first place.

The thing about this ‘fresh start’ is that it’s not quite like all the others. Yes, I’ll probably still get lost trying to find my new classes, and that first day back will probably still involve a long queue at the Co-Op (!!), but this time, a little experience is on our side. This time, I already know I can drop by House of Cards when I’m keen for caffeine. This time, I know that the Systems Gardens is the best place to go when you need a little peace and quiet. This time, I even know where to locate my favourite study nook (I think I could write an ode to Arts West, honestly!). Because this time, the things that were so dazzlingly new a few months ago, are now refreshingly familiar. And because of that, I wonder what I will see and do this semester, now that I’m not quite so overwhelmed?

What do you think?

This Gif has almost zero relevance, I just think it’s fabulous. Indulge me!




ChannelFluffy Episode 3: Banana (A.K.A the core subject you don’t like) Revolution! (Anita)

No, you didn’t read it wrong and I’m not drunk. It’s banana revolution. I become a bunch of bananas.

To avoid spoilers, I better stop my introduction here and let you watch the video.

To be honest, I found uni is much more challenging than high school. We all know what we are going to expect on the final exam of IB economics – there will be some essay questions in paper 1, articles and short answers in paper 2 and calculations in paper 3. We all know the final exam is gonna be similar to the past papers based on the same syllabus. However, I was completely thrown by the amount of questions on the Introductory Microeconomics (don’t worry, it is not “bananas”, I quite enjoyed the subject despite finishing the exam was a bit of pain) paper and it is nothing like the exams in 2016. For some other subjects, the online tutors refused to answer some questions simply because “I can’t tell you”.¬†My first uni exams were my most underprepared exams for no doubt, and I guess that is something we all need to go through after twelve years of spoon-feeding.

Again, thanks for watching my video and have a well-deserved winter break! Meanwhile I’ll try to upload more videos!

Anita ūüôā

The Uni Experince

So this afternoon I have spent some time watching the series, International Student. Before you go ragging on me for not studying for my exams, I finished them a week ago, yes I am a music student. Anyway, I certainly recommend watching the series. It is based in Melbourne uni and centers around the life of three international students who live on campus.

Although the events in the episodes are very extreme they are certainly grounded in truth. We cannot deny¬†some of the slightly stereotyped¬†events occur as well as the absolute horror of group assignments. As the characters walked down familiar¬†halls and sat in lecture theaters which have I endured hours in every week, I did find one thing for which I didn’t relate to.

As a domestic student that takes a train in from my family home, I have never really experienced the same comradery that the characters did. This is perhaps that they lived in close quarters¬†and the university¬†became almost¬†all consuming. In contrast, I rock up to uni to go to my classes, put in some time in the practice¬†rooms and maybe go to debating one a week. Sure I have made friends in uni but nothing so intense that I would help them move into a new place on a Sunday¬†morning. Instead, I find myself still hanging out with the same girls I’ve had since¬†grade seven. ¬†Not that this is a bad thing but I feel like I could be getting more involved and making more friends but instead I choose to mull over coffee with my old mates or just go home and sleep. I may be alone in this but sometimes I feel a disconnect. People have told me that in university I will find out who I am as a person and meet the friends that I will have for life. However, I already think I know who I am and I’ve got some pretty great mates. So am I missing out on the joys of university?¬†Not having joined a sporting team, gotten into politics¬†or moved into a college. It feels more clinical than that. I am there to go to classes and to have my mind challenged but maybe not to make friends. I’m hoping I just haven’t found the right club yet, gotten more interested in my fellow students and just need to get more involved. I really have no idea. If anyone else has an idea leave a comment.



Also, go and listen to Catfish and The Bottlemen.

And another thing, it is super hard not to be swearing in these blog posts. Just letting you all know my troubles being appropriate

The Trials and Tribulations of Take Home Exams (Kat)

Here’s one for all my fellow humanities students…

So, you’ve got a take home exam. Ok, you think. I can do this. I’ve got¬†plenty¬†of time to write these four research reports each worth 50% of my overall grades. No sweat!

SWOTVAC (study without teaching vacation) starts and you’re feeling good; you’ve chosen topics, started your research and about 50 tabs are now open on your MacBook Air. After all this strenuous study, a little Netflix wouldn’t hurt surely?

BAM…three days and thirteen episodes of Riverdale later, you start to perspire a little. The time has come to make some plans and maybe, just maybe… start writing? Although, you are feeling a little hungry and you could really use some coffee…

Ok. It’s reallyyyy time to focus now. Laptop open, desk clean, snacks beside you, mug of coffee…wait, how did you end up on ASOS? Focus! Due dates are creeping closer, your STEM friends are finishing up with their exams and you’ve got a long way to go.

You start to set goals, a certain amount of words per day. Bit by bit, you’re getting there, you can do this! Euphoria flows through you as you read your final draft for the last time, you’ve finally done it. Fingers poised over the submit button, you think about the amount of hours you spent on this and the progress you’ve made.¬†And you know, that despite all the procrastination and the difficulty – you’d rather do this than an engineering exam any day!

Good luck to all you incredible humanities and non-humanities students alike, may you procrastinate a lot less than me and have a really wonderful winter break!



ChannelFluffy Episode 2: My kendo experience! (Anita)

Oh hello there!

Sorry for the late update…I have been busy in the past few weeks. (Should probably make a video on what I have been doing after the exams!)

Last weekend I was in Ballarat for the annual training camp of the University of Melbourne Kendo Club, so I think it will be great to reflect on my experience in kendo club so far! Enjoy!

You probably wonder where all the anime references and kendo shots come from…

Kawaii costume – Rozen Maiden –¬†the second anime I’ve ever watched (first being Detective Conan) back in Year 6!

Fighting scene – CLANNAD – my all time favourite!!! Trust me it is not an anime about violence and get your tissues ready.

Kendo shots – these come from Japanese variety shows (my stress relief) dedicated to the female idol group Nogizaka46. Here are some links to their music videos!

Inochi wa Utsukushii (Life is beautiful) (2015) – beautifully written lyrics

Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru (Now,I have someone to talk to) (2015) – I love the plot of the music video!

Thank you for watching my video! I’ll see you in the next episode!

And a special thank you goes to my friend who helped me with all the Japanese in this video! Much appreciated <3

Anita ūüôā

P.S: Hopefully I will fold my hakama properly next semester! Will keep you all posted!

My Family Heirloom (Tessa)

I am in possession of one family heirloom. This heirloom comes in the form of a very large, very patterned poncho that my great grandmother had from Ireland. Today, I wore this poncho to university. In the world of black skinny jeans and gray jumpers, my ancient poncho was rather a funny site.

You see, I have noticed that in university¬†everybody kind of ends up looking the same. Yes, there are a few ‘alternative’¬†dressers but even those people ultimately¬†end up blending into the sea of conformity. Either you are a trendy sneaker person or the docs type. We are all searching for some individually¬†and yet we try and look like our peers. Seriously people, hate on me if you must but think about it.

I have never really cared very much what I look like and I care even less about what people think of me. In wearing my poncho I am not seeking to fit in with anyone. I am not trying to make friends, attract some guy or impress the ‘alternative¬†kids’.

Actually, it was pretty funny. One of my mates asked me what the hell I was wearing and I all but had a breakdown of giggles. You can always tell when people are giving you those looks. The up and down, with the frown of their face. In high school, I even used to offend people just because¬†they were angry that I really didn’t care.

I am not sure if you, dear reader will take my advice but here it is. DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK. When you dress, dress in clothes that make you happy that are astoundingly weird and don’t think twice. When I was young people told me that university¬†is a place for educated free thinkers. When I got there I saw people dressed like clones, subjects of conversations that were just too taboo and even the thought that you’re individually is an inconvenience¬†rather than something to be proud of.

Say the thinks that are challenging, be unapologetically yourself and wear whatever you goddam want.

that’s all from me,



Also, listen to Tom Walker (Play Dead) it’s pretty great.

5 Things You Might Not Expect About Starting Uni…(Kat)

1: You’ll find yourself making a lot of Harry Potter references…¬†Just this week on a walk through the Old Quad (which definitely looks like Hogwarts), I overheard heated discussion on whether Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff are the better house. Seriously. Since starting uni, I’ve received a wax sealed Hogwarts letter (about time if you ask me), declined an invitation to join the quidditch team (because even magical sports are not my strength) and been pranked on April Fools day when the official university page announced they were going to offer a Bachelor of Dark Arts. I would have swapped out of my regular BA in an instant!¬†

2: Just like Hogwarts, help is always available as long as you¬†ask for it…¬†Tertiary level assignments can be really intimidating, especially when they introduce skills you’ve never tried but are now expected to know (I mean, do we really need 8 different referencing styles!??). For some reason, universities can be perceived as places where you’re left to figure out all these things on your own, but this is a myth. There is an entire team of Academic Skills staff ready to impart their wisdom; whether that be in person or online.

Believe it or not, most people don’t know about this amazing resource or how to access them, so for more information click here.


3: You may learn to tame your inner ‘control freak’…¬†I look back fondly at my January self, meticulously spelling out subject codes in coloured pens and filling out dates in a little notebook, feeling immensely satisfied and organised. If you had told me within three weeks of class I would have had three different timetables, I would have laughed nervously and turned a very interesting shade of crimson.

Yet, this is exactly what happened. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising you to change your program three times like I did – imagine the administration nightmares if that were the case! However, what I want to get across is that things can work out in unexpected ways,¬†even¬†if you like to be in control just as much as I do. Surprisingly, I’ve learnt that it’s ok to change your mind and be a little flexible if things aren’t going as planned. You can talk to a course advisor if you’re having any doubts about your subjects, but make sure you know your census dates.

4: You’ll make friends in unexpected places…¬†Drumroll please! I made friends during a group project (gasp!). Believe it or not, you’ll meet people you click with in the most¬†unlikely¬†of circumstances and this is one of the coolest parts of being a student. You meet new people all the time, through club events, tutorials, and even campus tours on your very first day, so keep an open mind.

5: If you’re finding something hard, you’re probably in the majority, not minority of students…It’s time for some real talk. University is not meant to be easy (ok, ok I know that wasn’t exactly profound) but this is something we tend to forget. It can be especially difficult to get back your first assessments and receive much harsher criticism than what you got in high school. If you’re finding a subject hard, chat to other people in your tutes and you may be surprised to find they feel exactly the same as you do. Pool your knowledge, go to peer assisted study or just keep doing your thing. You got a place in your course for a reason and you don’t have to be perfect right away. After all, it’s your first year!

If you want to know more about anything on this list, or have questions we can answer in a future post, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

The Road to Unemployment (Tessa)

People have been telling me that I should have been making these decisions in high school. This week I have had the awakening, the awakening for which an unlucky few experience. This is the time when you realize that you are in the wrong course.

For me, this has come in the form of changing my major. I have come to the realization that I am a modern singer, studying to sing opera. It will take me the rest of the year to change over and then I will use what little credit I have in the classes I have done to make up some time.

Dear Reader, I wonder if you have ever faced this question. Are you doing the right thing? The words pounding in your head as you look out into your good, happy existence and ask yourself if you really need to change.  You are doing well, enjoying yourself and yet something is just not right. The Elephant in corner of the room can only sit so long with un upset stomach before the sound starts getting louder and the gas more toxic till you are forced to leave the room. So now I am leaving the room. It has been comfortable, good and fun but the voice that I shoved deep down inside me is making its last-ditch effort to scream before it suffocates.

When I told my mum what I was going to do she told me her story. Around the same age as me, she could have made the hard choice to stop walking down the path she was on, but she didn’t. Today she regrets that she didn’t listen to her inner voice.

I’ve made my decision.¬†It will be hard, very hard but at least I now know that I have done the right thing. Next time, dear reader, I promise¬†my post will be a tad more uplifting.



PS. I’ve been listening to Captain Beefheart a lot nowadays. Check out Frank Zappa and¬†Captain Beefheart- muffin man (1975). I highly recommend it, if you like odd artists from the 70s singing songs about men who prefer¬†muffins over cupcakes. ¬†(

ChannelFluffy Episode 1: Let the Adventure Begin! (Anita)

Greetings from Unimelb!

(Lies, lies. But since this is the official Unimelb first year blog, hmmm I guess I’m not wrong)

Hello there! My name is Anita and along with Kat and Tessa, I’m one of the first year bloggers for 2017. Like all the other bloggers have done, I would like to take this first blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

First of all, I see myself as a anti-mainstream girl who loves to try new things. Since I have never made video blogs (or vlogs) before and no one has ever posted a vlog here, this year I am going to do a mixture of video and written blogs (hopefully). So here you go, my first vlog attempt!

Hopefully you know me a bit better now! So dear my readers/audience, welcome aboard First_Year@Unimelb Airlines Flight ANITA10001. If you haven’t already done so, please fasten your seatbelt and adjust your seat to upright position, as there might be turbulence along the way. In the event of hysterical laughter, unfortunately the oxygen masks will not appear in front of you. And I’m sorry that there is no emergency exit in this aircraft, but you are welcome to follow us by clicking the log in button on the top left hand side. This applies to all Unimelb citizens and other passport holders.If you require any special assistance, please contact a flight attendant (Me!) by leaving a comment below.

On behalf of First_Year@Unimelb Airlines and the entire crew, I would like to thank you for joining us on this trip. Have a pleasant flight!

Anita ūüôā

(And yes you are welcome to call me Fluffy)

P.S. In case if anyone is wondering, the mask I’m wearing is supposed to be a cat. I will try to make the whiskers more visible in the next video!

Well, hello there!! (Tessa)


My name is Tessa and I am nineteen years, three months and two days old. I’m am now a blogger and this is where I will now be blogging. I am studying a Bachelor of Music as a classical singer, so I spend my time having my optimism kicked out of me. I enjoy making art, reading, writing, tinkering with motorbikes, playing my bass and being my odd self.

So reader, this year I will take you with me as I navigate my way through first-year uni. I hope that you will understand me as I try to explain the awkward moments that make up my life. If you feel so inclined leave me some stories of your own weird experiences in the comments or ask me about music or life in general. It may not help but at least you may get a laugh out of it.

Thats all from me tonight,


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