“BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” doesn’t work at the end of the semester!!! (MICHAELA)

Hey fellas! Whatsupp! How’s your SWOTVAC week so far? Has it been nice? Well, I hope so! Cause a new week’s greeting us in a few days – It’s EXAM WEEK! *drumrolls*

This is the time where everyone just gets more tense and “worse” (in terms of looks – oily hair, lifeless eyes, and breaking out skin – well at least, that happens to me all the time!

Well, it has happened to me ever since SWOTVAC :”( , not even gonna lie about it!

Well, during week 12 I’ve been sort of distracted, but I found the perfect way to study by SWOTVAC week, and am thinking to share this with you guys!

Just a few tips to treat the gaps during your exam week right:

  • Be early for your favorite library seats (and books :”))

Make sure to check the unimelb info page for the opening hours of the university’s libraries

My favorite ones are Law Library and Giblin Eunson Library as these are where most people are studying more seriously.

Other libraries are too noisy sometimes, moreover Ballieu -_- (no offense!)

If you’re an on-budget student, like me, who never buy textbooks, make sure to check the online library system for availability and exact location of your designated books!

  • Go with some friends

Do you wonder why people study at the library? Psychological effect plays its part!

If you see some people studying harder than you, then it’s very humane to feel the panic rushing through your mind and we’ll feel more obliged to leave those youtube vids or Netflix latest episodes on hold!

Furthermore, you can study together with some friends to discuss some stuff that you haven’t mastered yet! Pssstttt! Just be quiet, okay! Cause some people are just too polite to tell you off sometimes 😉

  • Don’t be too leisure

Make sure to set your targets right and don’t leave the library way too early just because you have to claim this maccas free Big Mac coupon! The few bucks burger will not compensate the tuition fee you’ve paid!

  • Arrange your favorite Spotify playlist

“Music eases mind…”

Ever wonder why pregnant women are heavily encouraged to spend more time listening to some music? Cause apparently, music can relieve that stress built up due to cramming up of a lot of information! This works for me, especially when doing some calculations.

But back again, it depends on your style of studying! Some people just prefer their surrounding to be quite….super…..quite…..

  • Bring all your chargers, pencil leads, pen and correction tape refills, and even your “guilty treats”

It’s gonna be very funny when you’ve woken up earlier to secure a spot in the war-like library, but you forgot to bring your pencil, HAHAHAHAHHA….HAHAHAHA…..HAHAHA….HAHA…HAAAAA….


and I don’t live near uni, so I had to chat up everyone in my contacts to ask whether they were in uni and if they brought any correction pen that I could borrow!

Not to mention, some snacks! One friend told me that her stuff got removed at Giblin just because she was out buying Momo Sushi! (commerce student feels :”))

  • Start befriending energy drinks and coffees

Not a fan of both, but you need that caffeine yow! Find out which works for you – but I don’t suggest a continued intake as your body will become immune to it, and it will not work the next semester :”)

  • Sleep right

It’s very normal to study very late, OOPS!!! I mean late as in early in the morning of following day…

But just make sure that you have enough sleep, not only for your brain health, but also for your organs to work well and skin to regenerate

FINALLY, my favorite quote of all times – “When you’ve done your best, let God do the rest!”

Best of Luck peeps!


Are you a slave to procrastination??? (Tharidi)

Hey guys!

After talking with my fellow first year peers (…and occasionally eavesdropping on conversations…) it seems like most of us have sold our souls to the influential force that is: PROCRASTINATION!!!

So is this post going to give you helpful tips to study effectively? Will it outline alternative ways of studying that will keep you focused?

Answer: no.

I’m actually procrastinating right now by writing this post! Maybe someday I’ll write a guide to fighting procrastination, but until then, here are some observations, from my own and others’ experiences, on what it means to be a first year, labouring away during SWOTVAC:

  • Overload your desk with sweet snacks. Tell yourself you need to keep up your energy levels for effective studying, but really you’re doing it because at this point eating chocolate is the only thing that adds meaning to your life.
  • You have an assignment on the environment. You tell yourself this is the perfect opportunity to watch a documentary brought to you by yours truly, David Attenborough. You swear it will be educational. It’s not an attempt to stave off looking for more “academic” sources. Really, it’s not!
  • Similarly, you’ll find a way to incorporate watching films, documentaries and interviews into studying for all your subjects. Will they be relevant? No. Will you be wasting your time considering literary journals are the only “real” resources for your essay? Yes. Will you do it anyway? Absolutely.
  • You’ve been browsing the internet for four hours now. You should stop. Your assignment’s due in eight hours and all you’ve written is a laughably bland intro and one passable body paragraph. You don’t stop. Instead, you tell yourself that eight hours if a preposterously long time to spend on an essay. You don’t need that much time for 1500 words! Now it’s four hours till the assignment’s due. You’re going to write that essay, aren’t you? But you’re weak to the will of procrastination. It’s almost a talent. What’s one more refreshing of your dash, right?

And finally, the one that takes the cake:

  • You’ve been working for a solid half hour. You’ve written a grand total of 200 words. You deserve a break.

Well I’m off to go study now! Or rather, I’m off to go TRY and study now!

– Tharidi 🙂

SWOTVAC and Procrastination (Fine Arts)

Again. Not representing entire faculty :L just me. #responsibleblogger #misleading titiles


This is a post. On procrastination *says I as I proceed to close le Netflix tab with The Paradise episode 5 playing* mmm *coughs forever*
So…Recently, depending what you consider recent…I was subtly (depending what you consider subtle) grilled about alllll the work I presented…by a few *coughs* the whole group crit. They basically agreed I was unsuccessful and shallow and confusing. *many adjectives* *is chagrined* *is grillled* is *chargrilled* :L

This had a flow on affect.

It put a halt to my practise. I just stopped. It made me even more uncomfortable to be in the studio because everyone around me was being appraised and I was not. Every time I had tried to re-invent up to that point, it was not good enough. I was so determined to devalue myself (bad habit); to open up my pores with the heat of the moment, and adsorb the adjectives of the day. I moped. Then I procrastinated. And have been doing so for a while. I believe the moping period is necessary, a couple of days BUT….

Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage.


Here is a list of things I shouldn’t have ignored:

  1. Up until the moment of the group crit. I liked and had, had fun creating what I presented.
  2. My discordance with the sort of people who all happened to be in my group crit. This included being worlds away in things like politics, recreational activities, views and values and ideologies. Very BIG things that would deem them an as inconsequential audience to the sort of work I want to make (and vice versa).
  3. didn’t like their work either. And though it’s contradictory, I still think I can give unbiased evaluation because I know what it tries to do AND because my mind can work in similar ways except I just don’t take myself so seriously when it does. I should have IDENTIFIED moment where people have not done the same.
  4. NO ONE ELSE had let such things affect them. Partially because I’m a black sheep and their work is favoured by different tutors. Partially because confidence and charisma keeps people from devaluing their work. But also partially due to their mindsets of NOT GIVING A *&^#

I didn’t observe myself or the environment I was in. I didn’t assess the people being productive. How and Why.

BACK YOURSELF HARD. When the sun shines the next day, you don’t want to wake up changed for people you don’t intend to please for the rest of your life. You want to wake up as you. Oftentimes we feel sad because we are not the best we can be or that we cannot embrace what we are. We do not really want to be other people even though they get praises we would like and who are productive the way we’d like to be,  it is more likely we want to know what it feels like to be in ourselves with qualities we see in them. And just as they will get praised by people who resonate with them; one should be patient for their own people to come along.

And if they aren’t your people. WHY are they affecting your productiveness and worth. Even if your clever brain can think of reasons. Convince yourself they’re excuses, BACK YOURSELF HARD (not up against a wall though). Like get muscles. Do pushups. Work on that back.


Tl;DR. Avoiding procrastination that makes you sit at your laptop all day:
(1) watch that episode and while it’s inbetween changing to the next, QUICKLY flick to another tab. (no need to open a book or pull out a canvas…yet…because let’s be honest…no.) Minimal effort first. Contrary to tackling the hardest task first.
(2) think of little idle things you can do. like the smallest inconsequential task. checking e-mails or a phone call to RACV that you need to hit off your list. Get that thing up on your screen.
(3) If you can bring yourself to do that thing. do that thing. if you can’t. another episode for you. While watching the episode though, tell yourself honestly “I like this but it’s bad for me. I need to stop. Stop. Stop. This is not fulfilling me or helping me get the things I need to get done.”////something like that. No insulting yourself though, I prohibit it.
(4) After feeling a little pointless and dissatisfied in your procrastination. Do that thing you opened. Then scribble a list of little things to get done in order for you to get done what you want to get done. Include a slight indulgence, and some fresh air. Even if that’s just air on your way to the library.
> read the article
> take notes
> form arguments
>section points off from notes
> Write intro etc etc.
>take bus to MC and go to State Library
Location can change things.

And repeat to yourself that you DON’T CARE ABOUT QUALITY. No matter how great a perfectionist you are. Even if that inability to achieve perfection is what makes you procrastinate. KEEP IT DOWN. Ignore it. Just type type type type. Just to get your body onto the train of momentum.

You’ll find you indulge yourself a little and have smaller breaks. But repeat, and it slowly builds up your momentum and drive. Breathe deeply and be exited for no reason.

And that’s all folks.

Was that helpful? Probably not. #I’mjustalittlegirlIknownothing


I’m jokie. we hab folio. I’ll do another post after studio assessments :L Hopefully with cats.

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Okay, so this is a kinda funny experience with some moral lesson on it…

You know, most lectures are super quiet as the topic can be either super hard which makes everybody dumbfounded or the lecturer’s voice is “extremely nice”, it aids people to sleep in broad daylight.

HOWEVER, the aforementioned conditions didn’t apply to this particular lecture I attended. The topic is one of the lightest material so far and a lot of people agree that this semester’s lecturer is so far the best of all. (Ps: he’s that good at teaching y’all!) So personally, I don’t understand why there are still some people who would want to gossip on his lectures, loudly if I may comment on it :”)

The lecturer was finally fed up with those guys and approached them as they were sitting on the right side of the theatre, “Please, if you guys are talking all the time, don’t even bother to come to lecture as people sitting around you are just too polite to tell you that they’re actually bothered by the noise you make!”

After that he wanted to resume his lecture, but he forgot where he stopped, “So, where was I? Oh yeah right, I was on the left and now I’m on the right!” LOL!

Around 20 minutes later, there were 2 guys who came late, and furthermore they chatted with each other continuously and disturbed others. In addition to that, they sat in the front row :”)! So, the lecturer couldn’t stand it again and asked them to leave, “You know, guys! You came late and broke my concentration, so if you still insist on talking please leave!” *door opens suddenly*

“Arghhh!!! Not my days, guys!” :”)

Sighing deeply, finally he tried to gather his thoughts and said, “You know, you might not realize that your tiny whispers are distracting enough for other people. So now, while I have the chance to say it SHUT-THE-YOU-KNOW-UP!!!”

Instead of being engulfed in a tense ambiance, everyone just cracked! :”) He’s a funny guy in general! But, even funny people get pissed at times.

In other words, be good to your lecturers guys. Imagine explaining the same phrases, concepts, and even jokes 3-4 times in a week! It surely needs effort.


PS: Have a nice week 12 :”)


Studying? I don’t know her… (Tharidi)

Hi all!

Semester’s nearly over and an influx of exams and assignments are approaching. Need an effective study spot? I was reflecting on the 11 weeks I’ve experienced on campus and these are the locations I would recommend:


The tranquillity of nature will lull you into thinking that everything is okay, which is useful when you have 5 assignments due the same day. It’s an isolated and generally uncrowded area and the scarcity of benches encourages you to become one with nature (i.e. sit on the grass). If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for then System Garden is your match! Bonus points for it being the location where on 2 occasions I saw an absolutely adorable dog. I may have been distracted but it was totally worth it!


If you’re brave enough to ignore the Please Do Not Study signs, the Rowdy will become you’re best friend to get you through 25-page readings. Being immersed in a library setting complements the task of reading essays, articles and books. Additionally, all the little nooks, crannies and coves that this library has to offer are perfect for independent studying. The only downside is that being so close to Bands, Bevs and BBQ, and having the library frequently play its own music, means that you will feel the thumping of the bass in your veins and be reminded of pop songs you really wanted to forget!


This computer lab’s vicinity to other buildings (e.g. Elisabeth Murdock and Physics South) make it my frequent spot for shorter periods of study in between classes. There are a number of desktop computers for you to download and complete readings, catch up on workshop feedback forms and touch up on assignments. Completely irrelevant, but the entrance gives you a view to the practical lab that lies opposite this room, and as an Arts student whose planning on never doing chemistry again, I take great pleasure in watching students frantically shove on lab coats as they’re late to their workshops. So I guess bonus points for entertainment???


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to frequent when you need to fight a losing battle against procrastination!     – Tharidi 🙂

It’s week 11, I know, but there’s nothing wrong with saying “He11o”! (MICHAELA)

Hi people! Here comes your “super-late-first-year-blogger-who-even-missed-the-induction” :”)

I know! I know! Not the best introduction yet first impression! But believe me, I got heaps of stories to tell, furthermore, in this hectic week of catching up with lecture captures you haven’t watched and tutorials you left stacking up since forever!

First of all, I’m an International student studying commerce with Accounting & Finance as my majors. I first moved to Melbourne since July 2017, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely blind about this beautiful city! My high school conducted an educational immersion on 2016 to visit RMIT, Monash Clayton University, and lastly University of Melbourne. Each university “boasted” about their qualities and tried to win us over.

As a result of that, here I am! I can proudly say that I’m a Unimelb Student now! Yeah!!!

Well, that’s a brief history of how I got into Unimelb.



Michaela <3



Wild READING appeared! (Tharidi)

You have 24 hours to find the reading for tomorrow’s tute. You never bought the course reader. You said it was a waste of money.

Every other reading was online. This one would be too. You got cocky.

The reading’s not online. You’re screwed. Or, maybe not.

You search the reading on Discovery. You’ll be fine. There’s no way Discovery doesn’t have it.

Discovery doesn’t have it. Discovery’s never seen that reading in its life.

Now you’re screwed. It’s not on LMS or in the library.

Give up? No. Knowing your luck, the tutor will ask you about the reading tomorrow.

There’s only one thing that can save you now.

You search the entire book/journal in the library catalogue. Score! There’s an online copy.

You download it. You read the required pages.

You’re safe for another week.

Please…I need SUSTENANCE! (Tharidi)

Hey guys! Recently I’ve been in a bit of a slump trying to figure out what to write creatively about. With all the critical/analytical thinking I’ve had to do for assignments, getting the imaginative part of my brain to work has been a bit of a struggle. Admittedly, I don’t have that much of an eventful life to inspire my writing, but after a lecture today I learnt that the mundane can be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing! With that in mind, I came up with some writing prompts to share with you!

  • Notice someone off in their own world? Write about them.
  • Pick 5 words from different store signs. Can you make a story out of them?
  • Write about your name. Does it mean anything? Do you like it? Is there someone you loathe who has the same name?
  • Pick the first/last word from someone else’s story/poem. See if you can go on from there.
  • Eavesdrop on a stranger’s conversation. There’s the start for your dialogue.
  • Make a story about a meme (cuz why not???)
  • What was the last thing you ate? Personify that food item.
  • Write in the perspective of your pet.
  • Are you a coffee addict? Write about the power coffee has over you.
  • Someone around you is wearing headphones? Write about what they could be listening to. Maybe something you’d never expect?
  • Wishing you weren’t in a tute/lecture/at uni? Make a story about what you’d rather be doing. The more fantastical the better!
  • Someone around you is speaking in a language you don’t understand? Write about what you think they might be saying.

And finally, if nothing else works:

  • Write about how you have nothing to write about.

Hope this helps!

Greetings from a new blogger!!! (Tharidi)

Hey everyone! This is my first post for First_year@UniMelb so I thought I’d introduce myself! My name’s Tharidi and I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts. I’m a domestic student hailing from Melbourne but I’m just as unfamiliar with the term “uni life” and what it entails as any other, so you can expect plenty of posts investigating what exactly I’m supposed to be getting up to when I’m not in class! There’s a lot to experience at Melbourne Uni, which means there’s a lot for me to discover and report back to you!

My subjects revolve around my interests which are: writing, reading and watching movies, so you’ll probably find a lot of my posts detailing my advice/experience with: 20-page readings (why is this a thing???), writing 1000-word essays (the night before the due date? Hah! Of course not…) and just generally developing my skills (also known as: Making It Look Like You’re Being Productive When You Don’t Have Tests Or Exams).

I’ll admit, having watched several American chick flicks and the like, my expectations of uni life have been thoroughly crushed. I haven’t seen any throwing of a frisbee on South Lawn or met the classic frat guy/sorority girl. BUT! I figure some things are universal, like all the nerves and anticipation that come with meeting new people, joining clubs, and trying to figure out who you are. Hopefully my posts can give you a little idea on what it’s really like to be a first year at Melbourne Uni. I don’t know what’s in store for me this year, but I’m excited to have you along for the ride!


Welcome! Everything is Fine!

Welcome! Everything is Fine!

Did ya get that? That sneaky little Good Place reference? No? Well that’s ok because there are plenty more where that came from.

I’m Jess.
I’m a Bachelor of Music Student and probably one of the most awkward humans on the planet. It’s true.
I’ve got more awkward stories than parents have embarrassing stories of their children.
Im constantly tripping over non-existent objects, mixing the order of my words (e.g I’m teeling fired) and there may have been an instant where I accidentally shook someone’s arm instead of their hand because I misjudged the distance. That’s enough proof of that for now. Trust me when I say I’ll have a whole list to share with you by the end of the year!

SO, Bachelor of Music Student. We get bad rep. sometimes for being lazy, but we’re (surprisingly) not. We play hard and we practice hard. We’re also not all classical music nerds, and while that is definitely by no means a bad thing (I’m always impressed by people who know so much about classical music), I don’t really fit into that category. And a lot of other people probably don’t either. For all you know, there are some total rap gods in the Bachelor of Music degree that you didn’t know about. Crazy, right?

One thing y’all should know about me is that I live and breathe weird. Between my clumsiness and total ridiculousness as a human, I think Crocs can make an outfit, and that everything tastes better microwaved. It’s a truth to live by. Day-old pizza tastes MUCH better than fresh pizza is all I’m saying.

In all this weirdness, through my time as a first-year blogger I’ll be here to tell you about all my problems and mistakes I make so that you don’t have to make them!
I have a whole bunch of things to talk about that I wanted answered before I came to Uni, ranging from what beginning language classes is like (especially if you’ve never been good at them *stares pointedly at self*), the best food on campus, and what to do when you’ve got hours to kill before your next class.
I’ve got ya covered!

May we meet again! (⋆ʾ ꆚ ʿ⋆)۶⁾⁾⿻

Jess out ヽ( ˘з˘ )ゝ

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