Welcome to the Golz Group

We are based in the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne. Our main focus is to understand how complex patterns of gene expression are generated and maintained during cell-type specification and differentiation in multicellular organisms. This problem is being addressed in the model plant Arabidopsis through the analysis of transcriptional regulators that control cell differentiation in embryos, leaves and the outer layer of the seed coat. We are also interested in understanding how these regulators elicit developmental responses in response to environmental stimuli, such as heat and salt stress.

More recently the group has begun to consider how knowledge of developmental regulation in Arabidopsis can be applied to reducing the time and cost associated with generating transgenic crop plants. The aim here is to help the agricultural industry more quickly assess gene function by circumventing the bottleneck associated with the use of tissue culture for plant transformation.

The group uses a range of platforms and techniques in their research; including RNA-seq, molecular analyses, and microscopy to address their questions.