Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 2007 Program

PECC-APRU, Joint Study on the Asia Pacific Education Market: Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorn in collaboration with Professor Simon Marginson and Professor Richard James successfully submitted a collaboration proposal, which will result in a number of publications.  First results of the Joint Study are expected in early 2009.

4-6 April: APRU World Institute – Climate Change, University of California at San Diego: Professor Jim Falk, Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society, represented the University and was appointed Co-Director of a new research project, ‘Pacific Rim Cities: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies’, jointly with Dr. Lisa Shaffer at UC San Diego.

12-15 December: Distance Learning and the Internet Conference, Chulalongkorn University: Ass. Prof. Som Naidu, Educational Technology Services, was appointed to represent the University on the 2007 Program Committee.

1. Governance Meetings

11- 13 March Meeting of Senior Staff at National Taiwan University.

Professor Frank Larkins, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) represented the University. A copy of his report is available, please click here.

Other reports

28-30 May Annual Presidents Meeting at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Frank Larkins Deputy Vice Chancellor (International) represented the University at the meeting.

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2. Research – Centric Activities

4 – 6 April APRU World Institute Workshop on Climate Change: Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Cities at the University of California at San Diego.

Professor Jim Falk, Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society, represented the University.

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24 – 26 May APRU World Institute Workshop on the Role of Universities in Addressing Emerging Public Health Threats in the Asia/Pacific Region at Peking University, Beijing.

Professor Graham Brown, Nossal Institute for Global Health, represented the University

21-21 June Research symposium on Diversity of Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcanic Phenomena and their Hazards to be jointly hosted by the University of Tokyo and the University of Indonesia in JakartaFurther information:
16 – 18 July
Research symposium on Asia Pacific Real Estate Markets at the National University of Singapore.Further information:
7 – 9 November APRU World Institute Workshop on Policy Aspects of Economic Integration among Pacific Rim Economies at Kyoto University.

Research Project: PECC-APRU Study on “The Asia Pacific Education Market”.

Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne, Associate Dean International, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences has submitted an expression of interest in collaboraton with Professor Simon Marginson and Professor Richard James from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

3. Student – Centric Activities

16-29 July Undergraduate Summer Program on the theme of A Changing China: Economic and Political Reforms in Recent Years at Fudan University, Shanghai.Unfortunately, as the dates for the program clash with Semester dates at the University of Melbourne, the University is unable to participate.
30 July – 3 August 8th APRU Doctoral Students Conference on the theme of The Emerging Future of the Pacific Rim : Alliances, Collaboration and Networking, at Keio University.

Mr Jeremy Breaden, Asia Institute, presented a paper at the Conference.

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4. Technology – Centric Activities

21 – 23 March Inaugural Meeting of Chief Information Officers at the University of Southern California.

Mr Sendur Kathir, Deputy Principal, Information Services, represented the University.

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12 – 15 December

8th Distance Learning and Internet Conference on the theme of Sustainable Learning in a Global Information Society at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Dr. Som Naidu, Associate Professor, Information Division, was a member of the Program Committee for the 2007 Conference.Further information: