Network Activities:

Visit to Shandong University 2017

A technical workshop was held at Shandong University, China in September 2017 to discuss research outcomes, and collaborative visits of both students and staff took place between RNC partners.  University of Melbourne members Prof. Ken Ghiggino, A/Prof. Trevor Smith, Prof. John Sader, Prof. David Dunstan and Prof. Jonathan White participated in the workshop, discussions on collaborative projects and lab tours.  Other RNC members, Profs. Xiaotao Hao and Feng Chen also participated.

Lab. visits:

Xiaotao Hao from Shandong visited the University of Melbourne during August and December, 2017

A number of graduate student visits from RNC participants have taken place during the two years of the program. During 2017 Mr. Peng Zeng, from the University of Melbourne visited Shandong University while Ms Mengna Yu and Ms Yifan Bo from Nanjing (NUPT) visited the University of Melbourne to undertake experiments. These exchanges have led to joint publications (see below).

A student, Ms Weiji Nie, from Shandong University has commenced a PhD at the University of Melbourne as a result of contacts made through the network.

Xiaotao Hao hosted a Workshop at Shandong University that was attended by Prof. Ken Ghiggino, A/Prof. Trevor Smith, Prof. Dave Dunstan, Prof. Ann Roberts, Dr. Wallace Wong, Prof. Paul Mulvaney, Dr. Gerry Wilson, Sept. 25-30, 2016

Peng Zeng visited Shandong University, August, 2016

Weilong Xu from Shandong University visited the UoM School of Chemistry Jan. 8th – Feb. 4th.

Collaborative projects:

Prof. Jun Liu and Dr Wallace Wong have exchanged materials for the fabrication of thin film solar cell devices. Some preliminary results were obtained in July 2016.

Network workshop:

Graduate House, University of Melbourne, Jan. 27th-29th, 2016 attended by:

  • Prof. Ken Ghiggino
  • A/Prof. Trevor Smith
  • Prof. Siva Umapathy (IISc, Bangalore)
  • Prof. Debabrata Goswami (IIT Kanpur)
  • Prof. Xiaotao Hao (Shandong University)
  • Soumendra Bandyopadhyay (IIT Kanpur, India)
  • Prof. Feng Chen (Shandong Uni.)
  • Prof. Linghai Xie (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)
  • Prof. Jun Liu, (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China)
  • Gerry Wilson (CSIRO)
  • Peng Zeng (UoM)
  • Weilong Xu (Shandong Uni. China)
  • Hamid Soleimaninejad (UoM)
  • Paul Geraghty(UoM)
  • Prof. Dave Dunstan (UoM)
  • James Banal(UoM)
  • Prof. Paul Mulvaney (UoM)
  • Dr. Wallace Wong (UoM)
  • Prof. Jonathan White (UoM)
  • Dr. Jegadesan Subbiah (UoM)
  • A/Prof. Jian Zhou (Hangzhou Normal University)
  • Dr. Yuning Hong (UoM)

The workshop included a tour of the Ultrafast & Microspectropscopy Labs. in the School of Chemistry

Lab. visits:

Trevor Smith visited the Goswami laboratories at IIT Kanpur, March, 2016 and the Hao laboratories at Shandong, November, 2015.

Joint publications:

  • C. Lv, F. Zheng, X.-Y. Yang, P.-Q. Bi, M. Niu, Y. Wang, T.A. Smith, K.P. Ghiggino, X.-T.  Hao, “Optimizing the crystallinity and phase separation of PTB7:PC71BM films by modified graphene oxide”, J. Phys. Chem. C, (In Press, 2018)
  • M.-N Yu, H. Soleimaninejad, J.-Y. Lin, Z.-Y. Zuo, B. Liu, Y.-F. Bo, L.-B. Bai, Y.-M. Han, T. A. Smith, M. Xu, X.-P. Wu, D. E. Dunstan, R.-D. Xia, L.-H. Xie, D. D. C. Bradley, W. Huang, “Photophysical and fluorescence anisotropic behavior of polyfluorene β-conformation films”, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 9, 364–372 (2018)
  • W.-L. Zhu, M.-S. Niu, X.-Y. Yang, P.-Q, Bi, K.-N. Zhang, C. Xiong, H.-C. Yuan, T.A. Smith, K.P. Ghiggino, X.-T. Hao, “Spatially resolved photophysical dynamics in perovskite microplates fabricated using an anti-solvent treatment”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 2650-2655 (2017)
  • F. Zheng, X.-Y. Yang, P.–Q. Bi, M.– S. Niu, C.–K. Lv, L., Feng, X.–T. Hao and K.P. Ghiggino, “Improved compatibility of DDAB-functionalized graphene oxide with a conjugated polymer by isocyanate treatment”, RSC Adv., 7, 17633-17639 (2017)
  • F. Zheng, X.–Y. Yang, P.-Q. Bi, M. –S. Niu, C.-K. Lv, L. Feng, W. Qin, Y.–Z. Wang, X.-T. Hao and K.P. Ghiggino, “Poly(3-hexylthiophene) coated graphene oxide for improved performance of bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells”, Org. Electron., 44, 149-158 (2017)
  • J.L. Banal, B. Zhang, D.J. Jones, K.P. Ghiggino and W. W. H. Wong, “Emissive molecular aggregates and energy migration in luminescent solar concentrators”, Acc. Chem. Res., 50, 49-57 (2017)
  • W.-L. Xu, P. Zeng, B. Wu, F. Zheng, F. Zhu, T.A. Smith, K.P. Ghiggino and X.-T. Hao, “Effects of processing solvent on the photophysics and nanomorphology of poly (3-butylthiophene) nanowires:PCBM blends”, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 1872−1879 (2016)
  • F. Zheng, W.-L. Xu, W.,H.-D. Jin, H., X.-T. Hao, X., K.P. Ghiggino, “Charge transfer from poly(3-hexyl thiophene) to graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide”, RSC Adv., 5, 89515-89520 (2015)