Network Activities:

Lab. visits:

Xiaotao Hao hosted a Workshop at Shandong University that was attended by Prof. Ken Ghiggino, A/Prof. Trevor Smith, Prof. Dave Dunstan, Prof. Ann Roberts, Dr. Wallace Wong, Prof. Paul Mulvaney, Dr. Gerry Wilson, Sept. 25-30, 2016

Peng Zeng visited Shandong University, August, 2016

Weilong Xu from Shandong University visited the UoM School of Chemistry Jan. 8th – Feb. 4th.

Collaborative projects:

Prof. Jun Liu and Dr Wallace Wong have exchanged materials for the fabrication of thin film solar cell devices. Some preliminary results were obtained in July 2016.

Network workshop:

Graduate House, University of Melbourne, Jan. 27th-29th, 2016 attended by:

  • Prof. Ken Ghiggino
  • A/Prof. Trevor Smith
  • Prof. Siva Umapathy (IISc, Bangalore)
  • Prof. Debabrata Goswami (IIT Kanpur)
  • Prof. Xiaotao Hao (Shandong University)
  • Soumendra Bandyopadhyay (IIT Kanpur, India)
  • Prof. Feng Chen (Shandong Uni.)
  • Prof. Linghai Xie (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)
  • Prof. Jun Liu, (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China)
  • Gerry Wilson (CSIRO)
  • Peng Zeng (UoM)
  • Weilong Xu (Shandong Uni. China)
  • Hamid Soleimaninejad (UoM)
  • Paul Geraghty(UoM)
  • Prof. Dave Dunstan (UoM)
  • James Banal(UoM)
  • Prof. Paul Mulvaney (UoM)
  • Dr. Wallace Wong (UoM)
  • Prof. Jonathan White (UoM)
  • Dr. Jegadesan Subbiah (UoM)
  • A/Prof. Jian Zhou (Hangzhou Normal University)
  • Dr. Yuning Hong (UoM)

The workshop included a tour of the Ultrafast & Microspectropscopy Labs. in the School of Chemistry

Lab. visits:

Trevor Smith visited the Goswami laboratories at IIT Kanpur, March, 2016 and the Hao laboratories at Shandong, November, 2015.

Joint publications:

  • F. Zheng, X.-Y. Yang, P.–Q. Bi, M.– S. Niu, C.–K. Lv, L., Feng, X.–T. Hao and K.P. Ghiggino, “Improved compatibility of DDAB-functionalized graphene oxide with a conjugated polymer by isocyanate treatment”, RSC Adv., 7, 17633-17639 (2017)
  • F. Zheng, X.–Y. Yang, P.-Q. Bi, M. –S. Niu, C.-K. Lv, L. Feng, W. Qin, Y.–Z. Wang, X.-T. Hao and K.P. Ghiggino, “Poly(3-hexylthiophene) coated graphene oxide for improved performance of bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells”, Org. Electron., 44, 149-158 (2017)
  • J.L. Banal, B. Zhang, D.J. Jones, K.P. Ghiggino and W. W. H. Wong, “Emissive molecular aggregates and energy migration in luminescent solar concentrators”, Acc. Chem. Res., 50, 49-57 (2017)
  • W.-L. Xu, P. Zeng, B. Wu, F. Zheng, F. Zhu, T.A. Smith, K.P. Ghiggino and X.-T. Hao, “Effects of processing solvent on the photophysics and nanomorphology of poly (3-butylthiophene) nanowires:PCBM blends”, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 1872−1879 (2016)