Known issues

While we do our best to make sure everything is running smoothly, there will be problems. Before raising a helpdesk ticket, check out this page to see if your issue is already on our radar.

  • Editing¬†the Block News Listing sometimes leads to an editable area that won’t scroll, making it hard to edit content above and below the listing. We hope to resolve this soon.
  • Inline images:¬†Image alignment issues are deeply embedded in the way WordPress does things. There might always be some problems.
  • New header images not cropping: When uploading a new header image that requires cropping, the image displays as broken, and can’t be applied. Temporary workaround: Closing out of the header image dialogue and trying again exposes the cropped version, which should have been successfully created, and can now be used without further editing.

Recently resolved

  • Inline images: There are issues with the display of images inserted in the text of posts and pages. These are due to inconsistent application of structure and styles. We will be able to resolve most of these problems by a minor update. Please be patient, no action required.
  • Spacing problems on posts: Where a Static Home Page is used, and latest posts are listed on a secondary page – the spacing of the divider rule is incorrect. This will be fixed by a minor update to the style sheet. No action required.
  • Footer content isn’t a footer: This field is a tool used by WordPress so that site managers could add extra javascripts and the like. It does not work with the Design System, but we’re looking at how to get a footer working.

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