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  1. Drawing detective: An intern’s perspective

    Snapshot interview with Research Assistant, drawings intern, IMaC award recipient and Melbourne University student, Sakina Nomanbhoy.

  2. Interning at the Baillieu: Print Collection Research Assistant

    Snapshot interview with Research Assistant, Rembrandt etchings intern and Melbourne University student Ada Coxall, who is currently researching information about prints that are going to feature in …

  3. Herodotus: “Histories”

    Labelled ‘the father of history’ by Cicero and ‘the father of lies’ by Plutarch, Herodotus makes for one of the most intriguing writers of the ancient …

  4. A Day in the Life of a Curator

    Special Collections and Grainger Museum Blogger Anastasia Vassiliadis chats to Dr Heather Gaunt about her role as Curator at the Grainger Museum.

  5. Cleaning the English Rare Book Collection

    A team of four conservators from the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation recently completed comprehensive cleaning of the English Rare Book Collection at the Baillieu …

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