E-Book Collections Coming to Project MUSE Platform

September 9, 2010

Project MUSE, a leading provider of humanities and social science periodical content for libraries, is very pleased to announce a new initiative to incorporate scholarly book content into its research platform and product offerings. Beginning next year, e-book collections will be available for purchase alongside MUSE journal collections, with an integrated discovery environment that allows for browsing and searching journal and book content side-by-side.

MUSE, a collaborative project which currently publishes online over 450 journals from more than 100 not-for-profit scholarly presses, will partner with many of the same publishers to offer high quality, peer-reviewed academic books electronically. Project MUSE is managed by the Johns Hopkins University Press, which also operates Hopkins Fulfillment Services (HFS) as a distribution arm for many distinguished university presses. HFS client presses are also among the first group of publishers committed to participating in the new book initiative.

The e-books program, called Project MUSE Editions, has to date signed contracts with the following publishers to include in the new offering books from their upcoming scholarly monograph frontlists: Baylor University Press, Brookings Institution Press, ELT Press, Indiana University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Kent State University Press, Penn State University Press, Purdue University Press, and University of Illinois Press. Talks are ongoing with several other MUSE and HFS client publishers, with more participants expected to be announced before the end of this year.

“For fifteen years, MUSE has successfully brought together publishers and libraries to develop a sustainable, innovative model for digital scholarly publishing,” explains Dean J. Smith, Director of Project MUSE. “Our future lies in leveraging our trusted relationships with both our library customers and participating presses into new product offerings that recognize the shared challenges faced by both these constituencies. And, our user community will benefit greatly from the integrated research opportunities presented by putting university press book content online alongside MUSE’s well-respected journal collections.”

Publishers participating in the program will select and set prices for the frontlist books they offer through MUSE e-book collections. The initiative is focused on scholarly monographs, and is not expected to include textbooks, reference books, trade titles or other books outside the project scope. Project MUSE will reserve the right to reject books that do not fit within its collection parameters.