Society of American Archivists Opens Access to Publications through HathiTrust

Paul Conway, University of Michigan

In a happy example of the power of unanticipated consequences, the HathiTrust Digital Library has released a treasure trove of publications from the out-of-print catalog of the Society of American Archivists. The publications were digitized by Google in its various large-scale conversion partnerships with research universities. SAA authorized HathiTrust to release the publications under a Creative Commons license, making them freely and openly accessible in digital form.

What SAA Titles are Available?

SAA has granted full-view permission for 82 out-of-print publications. The oldest item is August Robert Sueflow’s A Preliminary Guide to Church Record Repositories (1969). Highlights among the released publications include the original SAA Fundamental Series, important SAA planning reports (e.g., Planning for the Archival Profession, 1986; Image of Archivists, 1984; and Evaluation of Archival Institutions 1982), and Steve Hensen’s Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts (1989). Also available now are three glossaries of archival terms spanning a 30-year-period (Evans 1973; Bellardo 1992; Pearce-Moses 2005). A 1996 reprint of T. R. Schellenberg’s archival classic Modern Archives: Principles and Techniques is also included in the release

Source: Archivalia