Journal of Experimental Linguistics (JEL)

Publisher: Linguistic Society of America

The Journal of Experimental Linguistics (JEL) is part of the Linguistic Society of America’s eLanguage initiative. Like the rest of eLanguage, JEL is an Open Access online journal.

JEL is a linguistic “journal of reproducible research”, that is, a journal of reproducible computational experiments on topics related to speech and language. These experiments may involve the analysis of previously published corpus data, or of experiment -specific data that is published for the occasion. Other relevant categories include computational simulations, implementations of diagnostic techniques or task scoring methods, methodological tutorials, and reviews of relevant new publications (including new data and software).

In all cases, JEL articles will be accompanied by executable recipes for re creating all figures, tables, numbers and other results. These recipes will be in the form of source code that runs in some generally-­ available computational environment.

Although JEL is centered in linguistics, we aim to publish research from the widest possible range of disciplines that engage speech and language experimentally, from electrical engineering and computer science to education, psychology, biology, and speech pathology. In this interdisciplinary context, “reproducible research” is especially useful in helping experimental and analytical techniques to cross over from one sub field to another.


Mark Liberman

University of Pennsylvania

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