Learning from Recent British Information Literacy Models: A Report to ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force


Information literacy is a fluid concept, shaped by our experiences, and changes in our information rich society. Guidelines articulating information literacy need modification to reflect the current form of this evolving concept. This report highlights the work of four groups in the United Kingdom to create innovative guidelines to assist practitioners in the promotion and teaching of information literacy.
The findings outline prevalent concepts from newly revised, or recently created, British information literacy models. Each model provides some level of guidance for higher education. This report is not a definitive examination of British information literacy for higher education. The depth of British information literacy research and expertise is too expansive. Instead this report highlights the work of four groups in the United Kingdom to develop new guidelines to advance information literacy development and learning.1 This study outlines prevalent or innovative concepts and learning outcomes for information literacy guidelines, while reiterating important ideas found in other models such as ACRL’s Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education.

source: Information Literacy Weblog