Logic videos

A few weeks ago, Dan Murfet (Melbourne) gave a talk on linear logic and complexity, which was a follow up on his December talk. He has recently made a nice screencast of the talk. It gets into some work on subsystems of linear logic, particularly the work on stratifications of linear logic by Baillot and Mazza.

For the beginner in logic, Greg Restall has some short clips of logic lectures available on Vimeo: Intro Logic, Advanced Logic, and Modal and Non-Classical Logic.


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Recent work by Melbourne logicians

This instalment of “Recent work” comprises work by Lloyd Humberstone (Monash), Shawn Standefer (Melbourne), Jake Chandler (La Trobe), and Greg Restall (Melbourne).  Some of these papers are not yet online, but preprints are available.

Details for Chandler’s articles will be added when they appear online. The links for those papers are to preprints.

Update: The published version of Restall’s paper is online now.

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Recent work by Melbourne logicians

There are frequent logic talks in Melbourne. Melbourne logicians also publish a fair bit. We’ve got a record of talks, both by locals and visitors, but nothing about recent work by locals. To rectify this, I’m going to do a series of semi-regular posts to highlight newly published work by members of the Logic Seminar.

The first instalment comprises papers by Karen Green (Melbourne), Lloyd Humberstone (Monash), and Daniel Murfet (Melbourne).

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Logic Workshop 2015

We’re closing out the year with a two-day Logic Workshop, running December 10-11. Talks will be in Old Quad G14 and will start at 11 each day. The tentative schedule is below. Everyone is welcome.  Continue reading

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Intro to linear logic

Dr. Jen Davoren (Melbourne) wrote up a *really* nice set of notes on linear logic, and she has graciously said that we can put it online. So, enjoy A Lazy Logician’s Guide to Linear Logic (pdf, 6.9MB).

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Greg and I will be teaching a week-long course at NASSLLI 2016 at Rutgers University, July 9-16. The course is titled “Proof Theory: Logical and Philosophical Aspects”. We’ll be covering cut elimination, some substructural logics, and hypersequents, with a bit of inferentialism and bilateralism mixed in. It should be fun. I’ll put more details up closer to the dates.

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When too much logic is barely enough…

Our semi-regular logic festival looks like it’s outgrowing one day and is becoming two. Keep December 10 and 11 free in your diaries for our end-of-year logic workshop. The program will be posted here as it’s finalised. All are welcome.

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There is a lot of activity in logic at the University of Melbourne. We have set up this website to catalog what is happening. On the site you can keep track of the logic seminar, and the activities of our ARC funded research project, Meaning in Action.

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