Logic Seminar

During the school year, there is a regular Logic Seminar at the University of Melbourne organized by Greg Restall and Shawn Standefer. The Seminars are usually held from 11am to 1 pm on Fridays in G14 Old Quad. Upcoming and past talks are listed here. More information about a talk can be found on its linked PhilEvents page.

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2017 Semester 2 Seminars

  • September 22: TBA, Katie Steele (ANU)

2017 Semester 1 Seminars

2016 Events

  • Fine Workshop (December 19). Kit Fine (NYU), Rohan French, Dan Marshall (Lingnan), Sam Cumming (UCLA)
  • Logic Day (December 9): Greg Restall (Melbourne), Lloyd Humberstone (Monash), Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe), Hiroakira Ono (JAIST)
  • Aboutness Workshop (July 16). Stephen Yablo (MIT), Frank Jackson (ANU), Laura Schroeter (Melbourne), Greg Restall (Melbourne), Rohan French, Antony Eagle (Adelaide), and Dan Marshall (Lingnan)
  • Australasian Association for Logic 2016 Conference (June 30-July 2). The keynote was given by Sara L. Uckelman (Durham).
  • Deontic Logic Workshop (June 28). Hannah Clark-Younger (Otago), Melissa Fusco (Columbia), and Kai Tanter (Melbourne)

2016 Semester 2 Seminars

2016 Semester 1 Seminars

2015 Events

  • Melbourne Logic Workshop (December 11): Jake Chandler, Lloyd Humberstone, Greg Restall, Shawn Standefer
  • Melbourne Logic Workshop (December 10): Daniel Murfet, Ross Brady, Tomasz Kowalski, Szabolc Mikulas

2015 Semester 2 Seminars

2015 Semester 1 Seminars

2014 Events

  • Melbourne Logic Day 2 (September 19) Tomasz Kowalski, Ross Brady, Karen Green, Rohan French and Lloyd Humberstone.
  • Melbourne Logic Day 1  (May 30) Rohan French, Lloyd Humberstone, Greg Restall, Tomasz Kowalski

2014 Semester 2 Seminars

2014 Semester 1 Seminars

  • June 6: Being Necessary Really Isn’t the Same As Being Not Possibly Not, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • May 23: Łukaseiwicz’s introduction to symbolic logic: What was he doing?, David Sweeney (Melbourne)
  • May 9: Tense Logic and Relevant Logic, Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe)
  • March 27: Arthur Prior: Time and Modality, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • Arthur Prior Time and Modality Reading Group

2013 Events

2013 Semester 2 Seminars

2013 Semester 1 Seminars

2012 Semester 2 Seminars

  • November 30: Logic — The Big Picture, Ross Brady (La Trobe)
  • November 23: Platonic Semantics, Justin Clarke-Doane  (Monash)
  • November 16: Structural Dilemmas, Bogdan Dicher (Melbourne)
  • November 9: Staying Regular?, Alan Hájek (ANU)
  • November 2: Naturalness and Necessity, Alastair Wilson (Monash)
  • October 26: The analysis of value concepts, Toby Handfield (Monash), and
  • October 26: Well structured program equivalence is highly undecidable, Marcel Jackson (La Trobe)
  • October 12: The Anti-Modalist Postion, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • September 21: One day Logic Workshop
  • September 14: The dual method: A logical approach to optimisation, John Slaney (ANU)
  • September 7: Some substructural arithmetic, Dave Ripley (Melbourne)
  • August 31: Exotic Sequent Calculi for Truth Degrees, Greg Restall (Melbourne)
  • August 24: Fusion and Confusion, Graham Priest (Melbourne)
  • August 17: Polyvalent Logics, Graham Priest (Melbourne)
  • August 10: Modal logics good for Ontological Arguments, Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe)
  • July 27: Bradwardine Hypersequents, Greg Restall (Melbourne)

2 Responses to Logic Seminar

  1. Samuel T. X. Khoo says:

    Just a thought: perhaps in future the Melbourne Logic Workshop could be held so that it doesn’t clash with the Logic Summer School at ANU? (This year, it goes on from the 30th of November to the 11th of December.) That way, people can attend both if they wish.

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Sam. We weren’t aware of the timing of the ANU LSS this year—of course we didn’t intend to clash. (We were pretty constrained for the timing this year because of staff movement over summer.)

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