After My Fashion – 26/10/1953

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Title After My Fashion
Start Date 26/10/1953
End Date 11/09/1953
Cast Member Zoe Caldwell
Author Diana Morgan
Director John Sumner
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast James Trenchard – George Fairfax; Chloe Gwynne – Norma Edwards; George Phillips – Alex Scott; Christine Starcross – Mary Parker; Ellen – Roma Johnston; Lady Mary Starcross – Patricia Kennedy; Mrs Laura Shipman – Lorna Kirwood Jones; Mrs Alice Venning – Zoe Caldwell; Mrs Jean Benson – Beth Brown; Sibyl Emerson – June Brunell
Extra Notes Revue
Notes 1st season 31 August 1953 – 3 April 1954 Stage Director – Ron Field Stage Manager – Bryan Edward Assistant Stage Manager – Beth Brown – Norma Edwards Organising Secretary – Margo Braybrook
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