A Revue of the Absurd – 31/05/1963

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Title A Revue of the Absurd
Start Date 31/05/1963
End Date 01/06/1963
Abstract ‘A programme presented by Sydney University Dramatic Society, being a collection of shorter plays never before presented to Australian audiences’ (from poster) . Part of “Theatre of the Absurd” – a season of French Absurdist works presented by the Marlowe Society
Cast Member Germaine Greer
Director Albie
Designer Michael Day
Company Sydney University Dramatic Society
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes Part of the 1963 ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ season (see festival entry).
Notes Review of the play written by Hilary McPhee in the season’s program.
References “Theatre” (1963) no.3.; Louise Thorne Collection, Rowden White Library