Ah Q’s True Story – 31/08/1995

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Title Ah Q’s True Story
Start Date 31/08/1995
End Date 09/09/1995
Abstract We present to you ‘Ah Q’s True Story’ in order to illustrate how weak and unpoverished once China was, how mentally slaved Chinese were in an era full of upleavalls
Director Chinese Version – Cun Ye, English Version – Chi Vu
Designer Thomas Cheung
Company Chinese Theatre Group
Venue Union Theatre
References Programme
Extra Notes Archi Revue
Cast Chinese Version: David Keng, Vanessa Ho, Alain Chan, Paul Chen, Michelle Kuo, Corey Chen, Wendy Ren, Iris Lau, Lian Du, Yvonne Wang, Kit Yee Chan, Winnie Yeung, Winnie Yuen, Grace Yeung, Alice Lin, Shang Yu, Paul Lei, Greg Hsiao, Jason Huang, Bill Chang, Lucy Li, Elsie Ng English Version: Den is Ma, Arthur Wong, Eugere Wong, Helena Duong, Hao Tan, Michael Ngo, Anita Mok, Elaine Liew, Julian Lo, Trong To, Yi Wang, Louise Ng, Qvoc Chan Huynh, Kim Khoo, Emily Luk, Sharon Ooi Lin
Notes Chinese Script: Eng Soon Teo English Script: Helena Duong, Ross Keene, Karen Har, Friven Yooh