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  1. An adventure in Alice at the AES conference 2018

    Header photo: Marianne Coquilleau, Samantha Ward, Xuan Cheng, Josh Douglas, Tom Schmidt and Oliver Stuart  Words: Oliver Stuart and Samantha Ward Introduction This past September was …


  2. A long way to go for a small species

    Words: Daronja Trense Images: Daronja Trense & Klaus Fischer One of the projects of my PhD is to investigate the genetic connectivity of the Copper butterfly …


  3. How to Tackle the Climatic Threats to Australia’s Eco-System | Ary interviewed on 102.7 3RRR

    Please follow this link to Ary’s recent interview on Three Triple R FM


  4. Living a life of luxury in the laboratory

    Words and images: Perran Ross Mosquitoes in the wild live it rough. Adult females risk being swatted as they search for a blood meal and their …


  5. NEW PUBLICATION | Impacts of recent climate change on terrestrial flora and fauna: Some emerging Australian examples

    Words: Nick Bell Header image: Johan Larson, Department of Tropical Biology, James Cook University Together with a team of experts from across Australia, PEARG has recently …


  6. Collecting Rhynchosciara: an important fly in the history of genetics

    Words and images: Ann Stocker Rhynchosciara species are endemic to South and Central America. The larvae are readily observed because they are a centimeter or more …


  7. In the ‘field’ of science

    Words: Samantha Ward If I ask you what is involved in studying for a PhD, a Doctor of Philosophy, a higher or postgraduate degree in science, …


  8. The platypus: another impending extinction?

    Words: Samantha Ward The duck-billed platypus has always been something of an enigma. When the first pelt and sketch were sent back to Europe at the …


  9. A cat-astrophe waiting to happen!!!

    Words: Samantha Ward Friend or foe? When you look at your fluffy pet cat curled up beside you on the sofa, do you see a cute …


  10. Zoos – the good, the bad and the ugly

    Words: Samantha Ward We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you…?” Perhaps you remember singing the song when you were a child. …


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