Calendar for 2010

University of Melbourne
Chaplain: Wes Campbell

I have begun to attend to the blog again.
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Activities range from prayer to learning the faith and action for justice and peace. Chaplains come from various traditions. See what we are up to. Youll find a calendar and information about student groups and places of worship:…

I am a Uniting Church Minister. I am also called the ‘ecumenical chaplain’. My BLOG is designed to let you know of plans for this coming year at the university of Melbourne. I also post sermons, comments on book and films, and links to wider action for justice and peace..

During the Semester I organise a few different activities designed to take up ways of enquiring about and deepening our understanding of faith. . I also enjoy one-to-one conversation about faith and life. See below for offerings this first semester 2010.

Beginning Monday 8th March, with a mid-Semester pause.
WHEN: 1.03-1.55pm
WHERE: Chaplaincy Rooms , 3rd floor, Union House
Easter falls in the middle of Semester. Previously we have studied a Gospel or other text. This semester were are looking at ‘resurrection’.. Why are we doing this? The first Easter (the resurrection of Jesus) was the beginning of Christian faith. Without Easter there would be no church. The New Testament has a variety of texts that speak of Easter. You are invited to join a group of about 6-8 people to read these texts on Mondays during Semester One. Led by Chaplain Wes Campbell. (Contact detail below)

Beginning 3rd March,, 1.15–1.45pm, Old Physics, Room 3 (south of Union House across Deakin Court)
A service of daily prayer each Wednesday lunchtime taking the Bible readings set for Sunday as our guide.. We pray for the university, people in need and the wider world.

This is an opportunity for some serious thinking about Christian faith in the space of a lunchtime. We draw on theologians and teachers of the church from nearby theological schools.
Thursday 25TH March Easter beginnings in the New Testament presented by Sean Winter, Professor of New Testament, Uniting Church Centre for Theology and Ministry, Morrison Close, Parkville. Sean is a Baptist Pastor and New Testament scholar originally from the UK.

Other possible forums: in Semesters 1 & 2:
• Confessions of Easter faith:
• The God who raised the Dead:
• Eater Hope
• Living the ‘good life’
• Art & resurrection
• Where did the Bible and creeds come from?
• Bioethics and Christian faith

PALM SUNDAY 28th March – Peace Service & Rally

AGAPE MEAL” (modelled on early Christian practice of meeting, ‘breaking bread’ and discussing the faith.) Gathering with other people is a helpful and necessary part of being people of faith where we can explore the Christian story and its implications for us.. We will meet in Wes Campbell’s home.. Dates to be worked out in Semester 1.
An afternoon tea at the Chaplaincy Meeting Room – towards the end of semester 1.

• A study group on Faith and Politics
• A forum on nuclear issues: How Christians learned not to love the Bomb
• Hiroshima Vigil (6th August, 8.15-9am., east of Union House on the ‘concrete lawn’.)
• A local response to poverty: Vinnies Van/ Asylum Seeker Project

CROSS CULTURE MINISTRY: a number of Uniting Church Ministers from a variety of cultures (in Asia and the Pacific) will offer their support for international Students. More details later.

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