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Confronting Advent Hope

These readings sound like the world we live in: where B52s carpet bombed in a previous generation, now unmanned Drones deliver remote controlled death. Cities are wiped out – as were Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Shock and awe was visitied on Baghdad. And the hidden legacies of radiation from failed rectors seep unseen into tissue and bone.


Those of us who recall the 1970s, then 1980s, campaigns against the mining of uranium know that there were environmental issues (the problems and threats of radioactive waste) and the nuclear fuel cycle’s link to nuclear weapons production. Then came the meltdowns: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island. So, the practical issues of health and peace came together.

US military alliance with Australia

…this will take us into those so-called ethical disputes over just war. It will raise the question of how we are to serve justice. These are not minor discussions. Are they too outlandish? They take us to the prayer Jesus gives: ‘Your kingdom come! Your will be done!’

Faith and Treason – 11th November 2011

I have been considering what the church has to say to soldiers who are placed in Afghanistan, required to engage in military actions which threaten the people they are supposed to liberate, and exposing the soldiers to threat and sudden death.

Lament for Afghanistan

Where then are the cries of lament by church leaders? By congregations? Where are those voices which break the silence and uncover the grief?

An attempt at a confessional statement

Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. In him the fullness of God has chosen to dwell; he is truly God; as ‘Son of Adam’, Son of Abraham and David, and Son of Mary, he shares our humanity.

‘mving forward’ – more than a political slogan

What if we as church in Australia were shaped by a resurrection hope like this? Would that mean we would speak confidently and graphically about the healing of the earth, the growth of justice for the poor, the act of laying down our military armaments, an opening of our arms and borders to those who seek refuge, because we are grasped by Christ who will rule over all powers, even death?

The Waiting City – film

‘out of death comes life’

Death on the Gaza Flotilla – theological claims

If a theological warrant is sought to ground the State of Israel, the theme of sovereign claim on the land will have to be held together with the prophetic warnings concerning justice and resistance to oppression; covenant claims include the injunction to hospitality, particularly to the traveller, the orphan and widow.

Dr Who’s theologian?

Who is the theologian behind Dr Who?