Science & Theology

Science and Faith is a main theme of our discussions. In the past 4 years we have invited Prof John Carroll to speak, responded to the thought of Richard Dawkins, Galileo and Charles Darwin, and the questions and challenges they pose for Christian faith and thought. Theologians from nearby theological institutions are invited to assist in the discussion.

Monday lunchtimes: a Bible study is conducted by Wes Campbell. Details are posted on this blog under ‘Bible Study’. The studies run from 1.05 to 1.55pm, held in the Chaplains Rooms, 3rd floor Union House. Contact Wes Campbell: .

Thursday Forums are held regularly each semester (not every week) on various themes.
In semester 1 (2010) the theme was ‘Resurrection Now‘. In semester 2 (2010) the theme was  ‘Faith and Politics‘.

In Semester 1 2011 we read the book, ‘The Peaceable kingdom’ by Stanley Hauewas, discussed the Gospel according to Matthew, and held Thursday Forums with the theme: ‘The Future of Education’.

Papers are also posted on various posts, including Thursday Forums, and Stephen Ames.

Details of THURSDAY FORUMS. – 1.05-1.55PM.
The forums will be held in the John Medley building (near the main Grattan St entrance). We are exploring ways of engaging in the world as Christians.  All are welcome

Stephen Ames spoke on Science and Resurrction has provided papers for this blog: see the post

The Red Dr Stephen Ames: presenter in the series ‘ 2009 Thursday Forums’ on science and faith. – a paper provided by Stephen Ames, first presented in a parish Lenten series (see the blog post for 21 June 2011).