Cloud Helptivity

Two researchers at an Australian university needed to perform a complex statistical analysis of their data. Using grant money, they bought two powerful computers to run MatLab on. On the first run they found that the computers couldn’t work with their datasets. The computers were underpowered! The researchers were forced to iteratively upgrade those machines, until finally, one was able to perform the required analysis. It had taken 12 months from the date of purchase to get to this point. With well over $20 000 of grant money spent on computers!

If, instead of purchasing hardware, those researchers had turned to the cloud, they would have had their initial computer running within minutes. If it turned out not to be powerful enough, they would have been able to upgrade to a larger computer almost instantly. They probably wouldn’t even have had to re-install their software.

The really good news for researchers is that everyone with an AAF login can experience this game changer for themselves, at virtually no cost: through the NeCTAR cloud. But before you go rushing to the NeCTAR cloud you have to understand that the cloud environment is a not the same as a dedicated computer! If you don’t take time to learn the subtle differences you will experience pain along the way.

In order to help you get up to speed on your voyage to the cloud, we have organized a “Cloud Helptivity” day. You bring your research computing needs, and we will match you up, one on one, with a cloud computing expert. The goal is simple:  you get a full day hands-on help utilising the cloud for your research. Help with what you want to do.

But to match you with an expert, we need to know that you are coming. Register here (

BYO computer and we’ll help with the rest!

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, 10am – 5pm.

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