Research Cloud

Need to share knowledge and collaborate across research infrastructure and institutions? After rapid access to scalable computational power that can grow as your research grows?

Instead of spending weeks of effort and loads of precious grant money buying or building computers for your needs, use the NeCTAR Research Cloud as your personal virtual server and storage.

The NeCTAR Research Cloud consists of 8 nodes, including The University of Melbourne, Monash, National Computation Infrastructure (NCI), Pawsey, E-Research South Australia (ERSA), University of Tasmania, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) and Intersect (NSW).

Access to all researchers and support staff

  • instantly build servers as you need them (on-demand) and gain computer power without having to plan, purchase, maintain or dispose of your own hardware
  • ideal for testing configurations without financial commitment
  • accessible 24/7 within and outside the University of Melbourne, or anywhere in the world
  • easy access and rapid deployment of software applications.

Dynamic and scalable

  • flexibility to create and manage your own dynamic and scalable environment (similar to the Amazon EC2 compute cloud and S3 storage cloud)
  • applications and the service can scale to meet demand for suitable applications.

Share and Collaborate

  • publish your research on the research cloud so other researchers can use your work in their research and you can grow your portfolio of work
  • access other researchers’ work so you can save valuable time on your own work
  • clone your computation environment for backup or sharing

Secure and control your valuable research

  •  control who and where others can collaborate, share and access data

Reduced costs and administrative burden

  • computer power without the overheads cost and procurement of applications and infrastructure
  • free trial available
  • new and innovative ways of working that can be tested at minimal cost

Find out how to get started with these easy to follow user guides or access the NeCTAR Dashboard here.

If you already have a Research Cloud Project, you can request assistance by emailing (you will need your project ID).

Additional Information: Service Description

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