Training, Engagement and Community

2016 Training Catalogue

High quality, relevant training in research techniques is an essential part of what we do at Research Platforms – whether it’s to enable established researchers to use the latest scientific instruments or to ensure that early career researchers are well-grounded in research methodologies.

“Our training is run by actual researchers, which avoids a phenomenon known as ‘expert blind spot’, and makes for a much richer and realistic learning experience.”

Our training and workshops focus on community building, that is, connecting researchers who use similar digital research tools, so that you can help/teach one another. We believe that relationships in your research career are just as important as the tools you use.

The Research Bazaar

The community building arm of Research Platforms is called the Research Bazaar. Here, researchers from many different disciplines can come together to share knowledge.

Each community is led by a Research Community Coordinator, who typically works one-day a week for Research Platforms alongside their regular research day-job (e.g. Masters or PhD candidate).

More about the Research Bazaar here. 

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