2013 3D Printing Showcase

Posted 17 Dec 2013 11:51am By

In an Australian first, the University of Melbourne led by ITS Research, played host to the 2013 3D Printing Showcase, an event designed to bring the researchers, students and commercial entities active in 3d printing together in a single place. It was held in the School of Engineering’s Student Lounge and attracted 30 exhibitors and nearly 600 attendees.

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The dream of an app store for research: The coming “app-stack store” and the future of how to provide tools to researchers

Posted 14 Oct 2013 4:24pm By

What should we all be talking about at the eResearch 2013 Australasia conference / #eRes2013 next week? Perhaps the conversation should be about what will fundamentally change the way researchers do their research over the next year?

This post is a sneak peek of the latest feature that is about to be floated out on the NeCTAR Research Cloud (powered by OpenStack) at the start of 2014. If you are around at #eRes2013 then you should come have a chat about it in the dev lounge. This new feature will be for developers, managers, and most importantly, researchers. It will change the way in which researchers use their day-to-day computational tools.

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Cloud vs HPC, Scalability vs Performance

Posted 24 Sep 2013 2:25pm By

The NeCTAR Research Cloud has now been in production for 18 months, with 3,100 users from nearly 70 different research organisations around Australia logging in. We’ve seen a huge variety of use cases, from blogs, web servers, database services, genetic analysis, high-performance computing clusters (HPC) and even the the searchable history of gigs in Melbourne.

A question often asked by users is ‘should I be running on HPC or Cloud’? A question asked by people who are building clouds is ‘how fast should I make the disk?’. A question by the HPC aficionado is ‘why would I bother with cloud?’. To answer this we need to appreciate difference in ethos between cloud and HPC. Without understanding the ethos, we end up with misconceptions about the relationship between cloud and HPC, who’s married to who, and who said what about who and when (my disk is faster than your disk, I’ve got more CPUs than you, and other schoolyard jibes).

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Emerging Technology morning teas

Posted 22 Aug 2013 1:10pm By

A few months ago, ITS Research began hosting the Emerging Technology morning teas. This is a forum for people interested in technology and gadgets to get together and have a play with new gear. Each month we have three technologies on show and someone to talk about them. Rather than a typical presentation style approach, we like to keep things informal, with talks lasting only 10-15 minutes and plenty of question time. More importantly, we encourage attendees to have a play with the equipment to see how it works for themselves. While we have a research emphasis on the technologies we look at, some are chosen simply because they are fun or just plain cool.

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